Let us face it bad tattoos happen, tattoos fade, they get messed up, or sometimes you just want something new and improved! Tattoo covers ups are extremely popular and can be done by most tattoo artists, but I would recommend finding an artist who has extensive experience with covers ups.

It takes skill to cover up an old tattoo because you need to blend the new colors and design with the old tattoo to make it disappear. Sometimes covering up a tattoo is not possible and the artist will need to build around it and sometimes the old tattoo will still show a bit under the new one, but for the most part, cover-up tattoos work very well.

Some Steps to Follow:
1. Find a tattoo artist who has done cover-ups before
2. Look Online for Printable Tattoo Designs so you can bring in a sample
3. Bring in your printed tattoos and consult with the tattoo artist about the cover-up
4. Sit back, relax and get your new ink

Getting a cover-up is not much different than getting a brand new tattoo, you just need to be really sure about the cover-up so you don’t end up having to do another cover-up in a few years! Check out some of these great tattoo covering examples below for some inspiration and good luck with your new ink!