Hi! Now that tattoo shops are opening up again in my country, I decided to write an article about tattoos I want to get! ⭐️ I’ll talk about the meaning behind some of them unless it’s too personal or unless it doesn’t have a meaning.

First of all, my goal is to get a patchwork sleeve like this! I’m planning on only getting tattoos on my arms for now.

Inspiring Image on We Heart It aesthetic, art, and butterfly image
I really like line tattoos with little to no shading!


tattoo, angel, and ideas image amazing, angel, and tattoo image
The first tattoo I want to get is a little angel! - I’m going to get this on my left bicep because it’s close to my heart. - The meaning behind this one is personal <3. - I actually have an appointment to get this one and the design is pretty much completely done!


cow and tattoo image cow, tattoo, and ink image
Next, I want to get a little cow tattoo :) - This one is a tattoo for my grandpa (even though he hates tattoos lmao). He used to have a farm with a lot of cows and he’s very passionate about them.

Heart with elevation lines

heart, idea, and ideas image design, heart, and idea image
I got this idea after seeing a tiktok from @ florageorges0 where she showed these designs. - I’ve always wanted a tattoo of the elevation lines of a mountain. It’s the mountain on which my grandparents have a little vacation house. - We’ve always gone there so it’s basically a second home to me :). - Seeing the tiktok with those designs, I got the idea to put the elevation lines in the shape of a heart... idk how it will work out but in my head it’s pretty!

We’ll be alright

arm, back, and delicate image Harry Styles and we’ll be alright image
Next tattoo I want to get is a Harry Styles tattoo - I want to get “we’ll be alright” because I’m a big fan of him and I think that it’s a great reminder for when I’m anxious that we will in fact be alright ;)


tatto and friends image dinosaur, tattoo, and cute image
I want to get a dinosaur tattoo because my twin sister once drew one on me with henna while we were on a holiday. Ever since, I think of her whenever I see a dinosaur. I also just think they’re very cute.

I have a lottt more ideas but these are my current favourites! I might do a part 2 in the future though.

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