On trend clothing items / outfits I want to try

argyle sweaters

outfit, style, and aesthetic image 2000s, 90s, and y2k image fashion, argyle, and clothes image argyle, decor, and outfit image

fluffy bags

aesthetic and carefree image bags, mini bags, and shoulder bags image bags, mini bags, and leather image bag, fashion, and handbag image

zebra print

Image removed aesthetic, grunge, and pale image animal print, nails, and zebra print image aesthetic, fashion, and style image

cow print

aesthetic, black and white, and girl image bag, fashion, and accessories image Image by saralawson97 cow, fashion, and style image

lace / tie up tops

2000s, 90s, and aesthetic image fashion, outfit, and style image Image removed chic, elegant, and fashion image

bum slits

fashion image ripped jeans, everyday look, and varsity jacket image everyday look, summer inspo, and fashionista fashionable image ripped jeans, streetwear, and everyday look image

tennis / school skirts

fashion, outfit, and girl image aesthetic, alternative, and style image girl and outfit image fashion, outfit, and style image

fur coat

fashion image aesthetic, archives, and smoking image amazing, beautiful, and beauty image black pants, faux fur coat, and wide leg trousers image

shirt jacket

fashion, style, and outfit image Image by miso ?! outfit and fashion image girl and style image

fluffy bucket hat

fashion image accessories, faux fur, and zebra print image beauty, blonde, and brunette image faux fur, everyday look, and bucket hat image

chunky boots / heels

black, boots, and chunky boots image nike, fashion, and shoes image fashion, outfit, and shoes image shoes, fashion, and boots image
Claire Maree
Claire Maree