Hi guys!!

I'm back!!!!

Today I'm making BuzzFeed Quizzes about the movie that most people love and to be honest...I was obsessed with the books and became more obsessed after the movies!!!! SOOOO... I decided to play a quizz about the movies including the handsome boys (if U know what I mean 😏).
Let's see what boy is destined to handle my personality shall we?!

Hope you enjoy this one!

1. Pick a way to be asked out:

flower, Letter, and roses image
Let me tell U...this one had difficult choices but I think a love letter was the best !!!! OK...NEXT

2. Pick a date activity:

beach, cosy, and picnic image
Humm, another difficult one. Can this quizz stop giving me hard choices?! But yup...give me food and a nice place to hang out!! NEXTTTTT!!!

3. Pick some outfit inspiration:

netflix, jenny han, and to all the boys image
The choices for this one we're based on the outfits from Lara Jean so I pick the one were she wears this part on the movies.

4. Pick the vibe of the date:

couple, date, and disney princess image
Yup, I love fun dates. We need to laugh a lot guys 😆

5. Pick a homemade baked good to surprise your date with!

food, aesthetic, and Cookies image
Yummy , definitely White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies !!!

6. And pick some flowers to be given:

flowers, yellow, and sunflowes image
Sunflowers for me ! YEY! 🌻

7. Pick a moment that makes your heart flutter:

babygirl, nickname, and my mothers name 4 me image
Hard Hard Choice! But if he gives me a cute nickname it'll be fun !

8. Head back home and pick a rom-com to watch:

bridget jones, Bridget Jones Diary, and funny image
Hello Bridget !! One of my favorite movie !!!

9. Pick a romantic song to listen to that will become "your song":

Lyrics, sam smith, and love image

10. Pick a gift to receive:

amazing, memory, and wooden image
Honestly, I prefer something like a memory box ! I don't need rings or anything like that.

11. And lastly, pick a way for the night to end:

love, elsa, and frozen image

Well...and I got...(druuuuummmssss 🥁)

John Ambrose McClaren

gif, jordan fisher, and john ambrose image

NOT BAD AT ALL!!! I think I could handle him!

And this is it guys!

Thank you so much for reading this article! And see you next time with a different quizz or maybe with a different article! Lots of Love my Hearters 😘