I hope you're fine,
even if it does not believe that it will be alright.
you know we're living in a rough time covid 19 people die get sick.
but I hope you are healthy and safe.
And if you are not, everything will be fine, you are never alone, there are always people who want to help you and who care about you.
look I've been very depressed for a few months but I keep going although it hurts, my deepest pitfall with my depression is that I keep all my feelings in me. that's something you shouldn't do you shouldn't start thinking no one is interested in making me feel that way. No! you are all wrong you are loved a beautiful and practical person and you can do this.
People always tell me not to cry, but what I've learned is that crying is good for you.
sometimes you have to let go of your emotions.
I have been listening to a band Black veil brides for a few years now and the singer Andy Biersack taught me a lesson.
he said, "Everybody feels these moments of sadness and moments of loss and sometimes I think everybody can relate to sitting alone and feeling like crap and a friend of yours comes up and starts like, you know, 'Come on, feel happy,' and you don't want that. Sometimes its alright to let yourself be upset about something and so that you can show yourself that regardless of how low you feel, you can always rise out of it, but not at the moment. And so the song ends with the lyric, "I believe we all fall down" but I don't say "but we get back up". It's just, sometimes you fall down and sometimes you fell low, and that's okay. "

these words touched me and taught me that it is okay to feel sad sometimes.
the text 'I believe we all fall down' comes from a song this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlDHbX7aUIM
this song tells you exactly what I just told you that it's okay to feel sad sometimes.
but besides being sad don't forget to smile because that will really do you good.
grab a nice cup of tea with a nice warm blanket listen some music and think of the good things that make you happy