it's been years since i wrote an article but im so bored right now so why not yk.... this is pretty self explanatory and there's links to my other articles above lol

semi ults

wjsn dawon

dawon and wjsn image header, icons, and selca image
im honestly falling back in love w wjsn theyre so talented and pretty and dawon is so cute wtf.....

weeekly zoa

gg, icon, and kpop image weeekly and zoa image
not a definite bias rn but she's cute so... i love them cant wait for the cb

the boyz kevin

kevin, tbz, and kpop image icon, kevin, and lq image
tbz are so cute tbh i like them a lot especially kevin i wish i could get into them more

iz*one minju & hyewon

girl group, icon, and kpop image kpop, lq, and izone image
i have a love hate relationship w izone but most of the time i think they SLAY and i always love hyewon and minju <3

girls' generation yuri & tiffany

girls generation, icon, and kpop image snsd, fany, and lq image
milfs queens of kpop i miss them wtf.... forever in our hearts snsd <3


somi image girls, ioi, and kpop image
THE LOMLLL omg im so happy she got her first win and i hope she gets a proper cb with good promos soon

fromis 9 jiwon

lq, park jiwon, and jiwon image kpop, pastel, and pink image
why do i stan nugus w no comebacks wtf it always hurts me anyways JIWON COME BACK TO MEEE...

red velvet seulgi & joy

joy, kpop, and RV image red velvet, seulgi, and kang seulgi image
the best girls who need to have a come back soon like red flavor 2.0 i believe.....


nct kun ten taeyong doyoung haechan yuta mark jaehyun

wayv, icons, and matching icons image boys, icon, and ten image icon, lq, and super m image doyoung, nct, and kpop image donghyuck, haechan nct, and nct soft image boys, icons, and japanese image mark lee image jaehyun and nct image
yes im crazy but in reality i only actually like 127 and kunten it just seems like a lot bc there's a mountain of men in that group. anyways. the only men i will ever like

twice mina

gg, mina, and girls image twice and mina image
i love them all so much and they literally all deserve the world btw idc. theyre so grateful and beautiful and omg .... what is love 2.0 coming soon trust! mina prettiest girl ilhsm


rosé blackpink image fashion, girls, and icon image
(solo stan) HER SOLO IS ALMOST HERE YALL I CANT .... been screaming abt it since 2019 ik everyone is tired of me but idk :) wishing her the best also i love her and she's perfect bye


gif, rosie blackpink, and rosie image
stream rollin by brave girls