hello loves, i'm going to try and update more daily articles + blogs ! ♡︎ gonna be showing more sides of me with advice, tips and such in articles so i hope you enjoy that and let's get into some cute instagram captions !

this was inspired by... ZzzZzz... this lovely writer ! make sure to check out their stuff !!
fashion, outfit, and style image girl, makeup, and green image

angel energy

me @ myself: what an angel

fireflies by owl city. closest we've come to world peace

☆+ ゚. ꕤ.+ .゚*.゚。 ゚ ♡。. +゚ 。 sunkissed

my possible career choices: cloud, flower

i love the moon!!!! she follows me everywhere to make sure I’m safe

i’d love to see me from your point of view.

being a woman is just hates current appearance *looks back a few months later* wait i was beautiful.....*hates current appearance* looks back a few months later wait i was beautiful

i’m so tired i wanna be a butterfly

i need more perfume and pink lingerie

all i want is to be running through a meadow in a white lace dress

i reach my peak power at this time of the year when everything is pink and heartshaped!!!

coronavirus stop ittttttt. like for real STOP

no thoughts, jus’ pink + bunnies + sanrio

me, when i see you: (ノ´ヮ`)ノ・゚*: ♡ ・゚✧*: ♡ ・゚✧

the sound of heavy rain while sitting in a parked car.


bye bye guys ! most of this came from tumblr, i don't know the links really ToT i hope with you guys enjoyed these <3