Basic Info-

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Name: Rory Matthews (minor character)
Birthday: November 19, 1998
Age: 20
Gender: Non-binary (they/them)
Sexuality: Demisexual, Pansexual
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Color: Cornflower blue

Physical Appearance

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They have short, straightened black hair and gray eyes. They're 5'6


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Rory likes to wear alternative-style clothing. Usually they'll go with loose but fitting pants with a shirt and a turtleneck. They really like turtlenecks. Also, sometimes they'll wear alternative makeup, and a staple when they dress-up is that they'll always be carrying an all-black bomber jacket(they think it really completes their look).


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Rory does not like being told what to do. They can be stubborn and they can blunt with their words. They don't like sugarcoating things, it's not in their nature, and because of this sometimes they've gotten into scuffles because they said something that absolutely put off their opponent. That's another thing, Rory likes fighting. They like the thrill of it and surge power that comes with sucker-punching their opponent straight in the face.

Of course, that's not to say that they get into fights 24/7, that'd be exhausting. But they do know how to pick their battles. And if they feel like punching something but have no outlet to do so they'll often go to the gym that's nearby their dad's shop and practice boxing. For, this reason you'll often see them wrapping their knuckles in bandages or Band-Aids.

Additionally, Rory is into the occult and actively practices Wiccan.

Background story

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Rory grew up in a quaint, suburban town in Oklahoma. Nothing much ever happened. Their town was a small community that consisted of white suburban moms and farmers all-around. The most exciting thing to see there were the long stretches of pasture where cows and chickens roamed around. The nearest gas station was located 2 miles from where the town resided. Their parents never bothered to move away because whilst the townsfolk were of lukewarm personalities at best, they did have a good-enough school that Rory could attend plus it wasn't as far away from their dad's workplace either.

Anyways, fast-forward to a few years, Rory's parents both unanimously decide to move away because they wanted to finally settle down for real and buy a house. Safe to say, they had higher expectations of what their dream-house would look like if they planned to buy it and it certainly did not reside in Oklahoma. Rory didn't have too many complaints when they moved away, they had never managed to made any good friends that'd stick and they really did not mesh well with the other kids. This is also around the time Rory starts to question more their gender-identity which makes them feel more like an outsider.

They decide to move to California because some of Rory's relatives on their mom's side lived there and their parents thought it might be easier to settle down if they had people they knew to help them. Soon enough, their parents find a house, Rory starts Junior year in a new school, and their father decides to open-up a pawn shop on a whim. Rory's mom had yelled at their dad for borrowing out loans to open up his business-idea which was understandable but all in all their father's idea actually managed to pay off and it became a steady source of income for their family, and a place where Rory could work at and waste their time away.

In the current storyline, Rory is more of a minor character who's role in the story that I'm crafting is to be more of a guide to one of my other characters,Taegan Oakley, when some plot points occur that cause conflict. It also makes things a bit interesting because Rory just so happens to have a tiny crush on Taegan as well.

Other Stuff- [Preferences]

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Food: meatloaf with mashed potatoes and corn on the cub
Snack: black licorice and Takis
Drink: Caramel Frappuccino and Monster energy drinks
Music: Runnin' With the Devil by Van Halen and Thunderstruck by AC/DC
Animal: Rabbits
Book: The Priory of the Orange Tree and Shades of Magic series
Movie or TV show: The Shining

Quote- "I'd sell you to Satan for one cornchip." (Kidding, that's a crack quote, the actual one is below).

"Maybe you don't need to fix things. Just accept them."

DISCLIAMER: Please don't repost or steal. You may take inspiration but not copy. Thank you for your understanding.
P.S: This character is part of a collaboration with @hismilethough