F word - Feminsim.

Why are women treated differently?

When men think of feminism it's known as sexism, that we are being disrespectful to them, that we think women are more special or deserve better, but it isn’t.
It’s about the fact we deserve to be equal, that we have to PAY for sanitary products because they are known as “luxury items” but since when was bleeding from your vagina every month, luxurious? It’s painful and something that isn't spoken about enough. We live in a time where it’s known that as women we are not strong enough or able to deal with pain or that women “ask” to be sexually assaulted because if we wear the wrong shirt, dress or skirt then we are just a “tease” but why? Why is it that in schools showing a little bit of your shoulder is “distracting” to the male students? Surely it's their problem that they can’t control themselves, and not ours, i say stop dress codes, let people decide if they want to wear a uniform to school, let women wear a vest, let sanitary products be free, at least in schools or places like restaurants the decent thing to do would to be to put some in the bathroom for FREE and not just them pathetic thin ones, 1 in 10 girls in the UK aged 14–21 can’t afford menstrual products.
I remember when i was in school and i would come on and didn’t expect to, i would have to lend some or use the as i said, thin ones i was given by the school nurse, well not every person has the same ‘flow’ . I spend about 30 pounds a month, maybe even more on sanitary towels and feminine products, why is it my fault? I was once told, by a male, that if i don’t want to pay for them, don’t use them. Deal with it myself, it’s MY problem and I find that truly disgusting. It’s not like we ask for all these things, i would honestly love to see a man try and be a girl for a month, from being cat called in the street or their body being commented on, i'm not saying men don't have these issues but i am saying that females have them WAY worse. You don’t see men on tiktok being commented if they have cellulite or if their thighs touch or if they even have self harm scars, these aren’t things that are we want you to comment on, but if you do as a female, it’s ugly, its unattractive if you have them and as a plus size woman with all of these things, i feel completely disrespected and honestly, scared, I always re think posting something on social media because i worry that i look fat and yeah, i am fat, but i shouldn't be ashamed of it, should i? It’s my body and it’s my opinion there for it’s all that matters, but, like I said, That doesn’t stop people commenting on it, whether it’s my own family or strangers.

The whole reason i am writing this is because of a movie i watched called MOXIE it made me realise how unfair we have it, not just the younger generations but the older generations, Back in the past it was a woman's “job” to do the dishes or to cook and clean, in my old job my coworker would say things like “get behind that sink” or “well, you are a girl and i'm ahead of you so go make the tea” this wasn’t just once or twice, it was basically every single day for roughly 13 months, because that’s how long i worked there until i finally plucked up the courage to quit.

As a woman i say, cut the bullshit, stop making us feel less superior to you all. We should be equal. But instead woman are payed 9% less in their professions even though its been proven that they work more hours, and the fact that 71% of human trafficking worldwide are indeed, women and girls. These issues are not spoken about enough and i think it's because people are scared, scared about what will happen to them or what people will do. So I ask you all, whoever has read this, whether you are female, male, non binary, gender fluid, share this, help it raise some awareness of the issues we deal with on a day to day basis. I just request support and for more people to understand that these issues are a big deal.

Love, TR.