In july, I tried a new thing : restart a secret diary but in video. When I was a teen, I had the classic secret diary : a paper notebook where I was writing my life sometime. But with years, it's get really boring and I stopped keep it. Now, I have some regrets because I can't relive some memories with the point of view that I had at the time.

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That why I decided to keep again a journal. But the paper format wasn't for me so I found a new possibility : making it by video. It's really easy, I just need my phone. I put it on something, I sit down and I start talking. When, I finish, I transfer the video to my computer in a secret folder and I delete it from my phone, so no one will never find it.

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The point is : What did I say in this video diary ? Usually, I start to say where I am and the date and hour. After that, I talk about my current life (school, friends, gossips, my feelings, my plan for future, what happened to me lately...). After that, I talk about the cultural things that I did since the last time (books I read, movies I see, podcast I listen, favorite youtube channels and video...). If I still have time or I want it, I talk about what's happening in France, Europe or World and what I think about it.

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And after ? I edit the video a few months later. I start by doing an opening credits with Canva app. After that I put the differents parts together with DaVinci Resolve and it's all. It's something really basic, I don't have time to lose with it.

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For me, it's working. For the moment (in march 2021), I made 13 videos (between 1 and 2 by month). I never feel forced to do it, it's still be a pleasure for me and I will probably continue to do it for years !

Hope you will enjoy the idea and maybe keep you own video diary !