We have all been in situations when we compare ourselves with other people. We often criticize our work, mind and body. Sometimes we often think we don't belong here as others do. But we don't see our work as something we accomplish and how we learn more from day to day. We don't see how our mind thinks smart in every situation we are in. We don't see our body as one powerful place to live in which helps us do everything we want. We should be thankful for having all of that, not criticize ourselves - because we are enough.

We have bad days, but we don't give up. We cry, we learn, we rise and do better next time. Our body is so powerful and beautiful whatever size it is. We should be grateful to our body, not mean - because we are enough.

People care about us. Our happiness means so much to our family, partners, friends... They want to see us laugh, they want to see how we achieve our goals and how we enjoy life. Because we are enough.

At the end of the day, we should be our own best friend and see how special and beautiful we are. We should see how important we are to the world, to other people and most importantly - to ourselves. When we see that, everything becomes better.

We are enough.

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