Here are 27 inspirational quotes by the successful businessman Saygin Yalcin.

May these quotes inspire you to get started on your journey:

1. The darker the journey, the more beautiful the light.

2. Life is like a movie wait till the end.

3. Standing still is going backwards.

4. Life is like lego. You have to buildt it yourself.

5. If it doesnt push you forward, walk away.

6. Big is big, until big becomes small and you realize small was big.

7. When one door closes, another one opens.

8. Work, because being lazy is very expensive.

9. Focus on the next step, not the top.

10. You choose your reality.

11. Dont feed them. Show them, how to feed themselves. Thats charity.

12. There is always a better tomorrow,but today is best for now.

13. The biggest win is to overcome your own minds doubts and excuses.

14. If you have 1 chance, try 100 times.

15. The same product is worth different amounts in different markets. The same goes for you. Surround yourself with people, who know your worth and value you most.

16. If you dont do it, someone else will just do it.

17. At the end, there are only 2 types of people. The ones that do things and the ones that talk about it. You choose your camp.

18. Between good mood and bad mood, there usually is a simple thought.

19. Imagine words as being currency, then listening creates wealth and too much talk makes you poor.

20. If you are going through some heardship, remember that the most beautiful weather comes after a storm.

21. Every cold heart has a melting point and every warm heart has a freezing point.

22. If the nice to haves seem like must haves, you are doing well. For now.

23. Your life can be consudered a book. Make it worth reading.

24. The first time it is called a mistake. Every body makes them. The second time, it is called a choice. You forgive mistakes, not choices.

25. Dont beleive everything you think.

26. When did you decide on who you are ?

27. Do you know the board game Monopoly? You win by accumulating assets. Even if you own everything, at the end all goes back into the box. What remains is the impression you left on the people around you. Thats life.