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I saw this trend on my discover page and thought it was the cutest thing, so I'm giving it a go ᵔ◡ᵔ
Mine is a bit different from the article I originally was inspired by in the sense that I'll choose only shows I've actually watched + give a mini description of the character I imagine I'd be under each outfit, as a little optional reading. The original article is as always linked at the bottom.
Hope you enjoy !

ஜ ・゚: criminal minds
50s, dress, and white image aesthetic and university image blue, dress, and luisa image fashion, girl, and white image
profiler, usually assists 'normal' fbi teams, has a flighty and unusual nature, squares down with serial killers like it's talking to a friend, almost never professionally dressed but everyone let's it slide because she's the psychology major
✉︎ ‧ ˚ gossip girl
blair waldorf, inspo, and luxury image fashion, girl, and outfit image pretty, fashion, and style image dress, fashion, and black image
upper east side girl, parents are always travelling so she basically lives alone, a dreamer, thought she would have fallen in love by now, long-time friend of nate, couldn't care less about money or status
☾ ‧₊˚ the vampire diaries
Image by mlleve earrings and gold image boots, fashion, and naomiroestal image Image by -
witch, travels with packs of hybrids but belongs only to herself, rival of the originals, has a soft spot for bonnie
♕៹ . peaky blinders
aesthetics, beauty, and chandelier image Amazon, comics, and wonder woman image fashion, dress, and white image blonde, beautiful, and vintage image
a girl who has everything, filthy rich and no family to take it away from her, resides alone in her mansion, turns to the excitement of tommy's less wholesome businesses
↝ riverdale
beauty, bikini, and girls image fashion and style image art, blue, and tattoo image body, fashion, and golf image
the new rich girl in town, originally thought to be evil, new money, gets kidnapped by the serpents for a ransom but ends up being a secret member
☕︎ friends
bella hadid, beauty, and model image aesthetic and girl image eva meloche image iris law image
a customer at monica's restaurant that ends up back at the apartment because she got wine all over her dress, finds mutual ground with rachel through fashion, adores phoebe
༗!¡° the witcher
aesthetic, water, and body image creature, delicate, and flowers image fashion and white image beautiful, bride, and dress image
sorceress, told about in legends as 'the dove' but thought to be a myth, residing in the woods of the mire, very intelligent, helped jaskier once when he got lost in the forest, now he turns to her when he is fighting death and she provides solutions
♱ ◦۪ supernatural
blonde, water, and girl image aesthetic, outfits, and clothes image alternative, fashion, and indie image fashion, style, and elsa hosk image
hunter, dean is sure she is certifiably insane, has been to heaven briefly but came back to earth, does whatever the hell she wants, secretly an angel
⋰˚ ⌕ scandal
Image by ɢᴡᴜᴀᴘʙʙʏ fashion, style, and blazer image night, dress, and beach image Image by tenderly
exposé writer, friend of olivia's, has all the tea (connections), hates fitz for what he does to olivia

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