here is my messy kpop tag - as of 2021
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year u got into kpop?

nostalgic songs? (songs that remind u of when u got into kpop)

red velvet, joy, and wendy image gif, iu, and lee ji eun image twice, sana, and lq image boys, park jisung, and lee jeno image joy, school uniform, and wendy image aesthetic, kpop, and Seventeen image gif, k pop, and don't recall image dinosaur, duo, and kpop image arrival, jinyoung, and imjaebum image chanyeol image black and white, kpop, and lay image
red flavor - red velvet / palette - iu / likey - twice / we young - nct dream / rebirth - red velvet / dont wanna cry - seventeen / dont recall - kard / dinosaur - akmu / never ever - got7 kokobop - exo call me baby - exo

ur first group?

group photo, jin, and bangtan image aesthetic, taehyung, and dark image headers, layouts, and yoongi lq image bts, lq, and jeon jungkook image

ur fave group? (gg ults)
bvndit n gfriend

seungeun, bvndit, and gif image cyber, edit, and girl group image

ur top four gg bias groups? (besides my gg ults)

red velvet, joy, and park sooyoung image cutie, kpop, and messy image amber, icons, and luna image amber, icons, and jessica image snsd, tiffany, and kpop image girls generation, icon, and snsd image exy, kpop, and kpop girls image edit, icon, and kpop image
4- red velvet 3- f(x) 2- girls generation 1- wjsn

ur fave group? (bg ults)

Image by Private User bigbang, daesung, and g-dragon image

ur top four bg bias groups? (besides my bg ults)

group photo, skz, and ot9 image felix, han, and mv image aesthetic, archive, and drain image icons, photoshoot, and kpop boy image nct, renjun, and nct dream image icons, jaemin, and filters image icons and got7 image jackson, mark, and bambam image
4- stray kids 3- exo/shinee 2- nct dream 1- got7

favorite friendship?
jisung n chenle i think (also chuu x yves from loona is pretty cute!)

boy, handsome, and chenle image icon, chenle, and jeno image

in terms of music releases, which company is ur fav? (big 3)
maybe sm or yg

fav soloist (w.)?
yubin n bibi :D

Image removed bibi, kpop, and lol image

fav soloist (m.)?
chancellor n taemin

kpop, music, and chancellor image aesthetic, archive, and icon image

fave variety shows?
i hardly ever watch v shows unfortunately so i dont have any;-;

soloists vs groups?

cyber, fashion, and icon image icons, kpop, and bts image

least fav group? (musicwise)
dont have one

fav discography in kpop?
f(x); their discography is god tier for me

sulli and f(x) image grunge, kpop layouts, and kpop lq icons image

fav generation in kpop?
1st gen definitely

90s, baby, and korean image 90s, kan mi youn, and miyoun image

ult bias?
jennie n yeri

Image by cherry Image by vauneos.
jennie from blackpink
aesthetic, archive, and icons image red velvet, red velvet icons, and yeri icon image
yeri from red velvet

fav duo in kpop?

davichi image actors, kpop, and wallpaper image

fav co-ed groups?
de*d buttons (not kpop but i wanted to put them here xd) n mfbty

creepy, smile, and dark theme image piercing, ear, and earrings image gif, yoon mirae, and khiphop image linda, T, and yoon mirae image

fav rappers?
im including non-kpop rappers as well oops😳😳

zico icons, zico icon, and zico lq image korea, korean, and tiger image moon sujin image g-dragon, gd, and bigbang image Dream, icon, and kpop image
(l to r) zico, yoon mi-rae, moon, gdragon, mark

fav kpop debut?
into the new world by snsd

gif, girls generation, and snsd image snsd, girls generation, and yoona image

bias list? (1-13)

01. seola n yeoreum / wjsn
02. xiumin / exo
03. yoona n tiffany / snsd
04. raina / afterschool+oc
05. ten n jisung / nct
06. kei n baby soul / lovelyz
07. jennie / blackpink
08. e:u n onda / everglow
09. chuu n yeojin / loona
10. tzuyu n nayeon / twice
11. yoohyeon / dreamcatcher
12. hayoung n gyuri / fromis_9
13. ryujin / itzy

first kpop song u've heard?
gangnam style🙈👀👀...

gif and psy gangnam style image gif and oppa gangnam style ! image

fav maknaes?

2ne1, blonde, and blue image girls, icon, and layout image Image by Any park jisung image archive, loona, and yeojin image red velvet, RV, and kim yerim image
minzy, tzuyu, lisa, jisung, yeojin, yeri

fav rookies? (b.)
currently its treasure

fav rookies? (g.)
maybe weeekly or aespa

fav vocalists?

JB, bambam, and jinyoung image asia, big bang, and taeyang image aesthetic, archive, and jackson image cyber, redvelvet, and icons image b, themes, and rm image got7 and kim yugyeom image kpop, music, and chancellor image
jinyoung, taeyang, jb, seulgi, jimin, yugyeom, n chancellor

fav english ver. songs?*
_ regular ~ nct 127
_ rbb ~ red velvet
_ highway to heaven ~ nct 127
_ loonatic ~ loona
_ badster ~ hyoyeon
_ nobody ~ wonder girls

fave album?
girlfriend's 'season of glass' n 'tftmn', maybe?

girl group, kpop, and gfriend image stage, sowon, and umji image

fave dancers?

kpop, sinb, and lq image seulgi, red velvet, and RV image girls generation, snsd, and hyoyeon image Image by # 🦋
sinb, seulgi, hyoyeon, lisa

thanks for reading:D♡♡

animal, aww, and cat image

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