hello people !! i am so so excited to write this article cuz i have such a great new to share with you !!! POSTER GIRL by ZARA LARSSON IS OUT and i'm sharing with you my favorites!!

zara larsson image

→ midnight local time, i'm so excited for you guys to listen what she made cuz honestly it's SO worth the wait !

zara larsson image
when it's 00:00 stream here : https://open.spotify.com/album/6hp2216exPe2qBLST3gpD8?si=CylWAdk3Sp2qAT5mQcG7Vg


  • right here
  • stick with you
  • i need love
  • what happens here
  • need someone

and from the ones that were already released i'd say

Love Me Land & WOW

Zara Larsson appreciation post

zaralarsson and hbd zaralarsson image zara larsson image zara larsson image zara larsson image

that's all friends, i hope you'll enjoy her album as much as i did! zara put her soul and love and energy trough this album she deserves to feel the love so show some support towards her and her work it would be amazing !

Thank Your for your time have a nice day/night, take care