Actually feminist movies (in my opinion) that you should watch. I'm going to list some of my favourites and list some qualities why they're awesome and why I chose them.

Birds Of Prey

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A great cast of different female characters that are well written and don't revolve around men. The women struggle with actual real life problems and the men villains remind us more of the actual creeps we face than any other superhero movie villains.

Miss Congeniality

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Touches many subjects and issues women face but the most important message is that how women can be powerful, respected AND beauty queens at the same time. And none of that makes us less qualified, smart or beautiful.


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A realistic take on how the government decides about womens bodies and what girls in general have to go through growing up. Fun story about a female friendships with realistic characters with their own struggles.

Lady Bird

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A coming of age story about a stubborn teenager that struggles how everyone would but it doesn't revolve around finding love or virginity as many female characters are written, but more on finding yourself and focusing on your future.

Marie Antoinette

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It's not a historical film, just a story about a girl who just happens to become the queen of France. A girl who could be anyone, someone determinded and fun who struggless with things girls / women any time would, like sexuality, family, career and identity.


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A strong main character who isn't defined by stereotypes. She might be the typical blonde but she is much more. The story touches female friendships in a realistic way and even though the main character ends up in a relationship, it's what she wants, not something that had to happen.