Just a bunch of kpop choreos i have learnt in February! I am a dancer by the way <3

Tail by Sunmi

kpop, make up, and asian image
i love this choreo! its so my style, i love 'weird' and 'awkward' dances, and sunmi pulls them off soooo well~

Odd eye by Dreamcatcher

bora, dreamcatcher, and gif image
this choreo is so cool, some of the hand movements were so fast though~

Dally by Hyolyn

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what a queen, shes so sexy, love this one~

Bicycle by Chungha

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this one was a bit out of my comfort zone cuz i struggle with body rolls, but it actually went okay~

Dumb Dumb by Red Velvet

gif, RV, and 레드벨벳 image
omg i love this one so much its amazing~

Love Killa by Monsta x

hyungwon, gif, and monsta x image
i dont learn bg dances often, but this one was cool~

Thumbs Up by Momoland

fancy, jane, and taeha image
this dance is v simple but its great for learning technique

Sua and Seungyeon 'Tadow'

dont have an image for this one but i loved this dance soooo much

anyways i think that was it!