Thursday 4th of March 2021,

Currently writing from my room that's under construction (so yes it's a complete mess), and to top it all I've been sick with a flue since last night.
A really bad flue.

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And this sickness is just the cherry on top of all my "adventures" and obstacle this week.

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Monday started with the beginning of my menstrual cycle. And with it came the worst mood swings, cramps and all kinds of pains in all kinds of places.
Tuesday was just as challenging, and Wednesday was the peak of it all. Because yes, believe it or not Thursday flue day is a chill day right now.

On Wednesday, my family came over. Needless to mention studying was just impossible. But the real struggle was my sickness settling in and making it impossible for me to function. I had the amazing "cramps,beginning of flue,fatigue,mood swings, unbearable noise from my family etc...)"

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Nevertheless, my skin looks amazing for some reason. If I'm not mistaken my hormones are re balancing so no more surprise breakouts or dry skin. So that's a win in all this mess.

I am giving myself the rest I need to be able to kick it off starting tomorrow. I can't wait to be back on my feet and crush all my goals for the rest of the week, and the coming one.

I will be writing a more detailed article concerning my goals and how I'm going to proceed to get them done.