Hii! x

i think i made my last a-z playlist back in 2018 hahah so this is a newly updated one since i've discovered many more amazing artists and songs <33

i love sharing and exploring all types of genres rlly, so follow me on spotify and i'll def listen to your playlists hehe thank youu :-)


˗ˏˋ A ˊˎ˗

album cover, the strokes, and is this it image the strokes and is this it image julian casablancas, the strokes, and is this it image drawing, stars, and sun image
Alone Together // The Strokes

˗ˏˋ B ˊˎ˗

baby boy, quote, and room image
Baby Boy // Kevin Abstract

˗ˏˋ C ˊˎ˗

oasis and champagne supernova image oasis and champagne supernova image 1995, liam gallagher, and oasis image oasis, liam gallagher, and champagne supernova image
Champagne Supernova // Oasis

˗ˏˋ D ˊˎ˗

music image band, indie, and pablo image
Dance Baby! // Boy Pablo

˗ˏˋ E ˊˎ˗

music image Image by 𝒷𝒶𝒷𝓎
Every Time // Mac Ayres

˗ˏˋ F ˊˎ˗

aesthetic, cheetos, and blue image pretty girl, flaming hot cheetos, and claire cottrill image alone, beauty, and free image aesthetic, music, and yellow image
Flaming Hot Cheetos // Clairo

˗ˏˋ G ˊˎ˗

Lyrics, godspeed, and boys don't cry image album, blonde, and godspeed image blond, green hair, and nights image style image
Godspeed // Frank Ocean

˗ˏˋ H ˊˎ˗

Image by sarah
Hold Me Down // Daniel Caesar

˗ˏˋ I ˊˎ˗

music for cars, Lyrics, and song image album, music, and the 1975 image album and the 1975 image album, cool, and music image
I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes) // The 1975

˗ˏˋ J ˊˎ˗

Drake and jungle image Drake, light, and sun image Drake, tour, and teamdrizzy image album, back, and disco image
Jungle // Drake

˗ˏˋ K ˊˎ˗

alex turner, arctic monkeys, and boyfriend image arctic monkeys, music, and am image Image by I'm little suicide girl alex turner, arctic monkeys, and knee socks image
Knee Socks // Arctic Monkeys

˗ˏˋ L ˊˎ˗

night, pink, and cuco image
Lover is a Day // Cuco

˗ˏˋ M ˊˎ˗

alex turner, arctic monkeys, and miles kane image alex turner, arctic monkeys, and quotes image gif, tlsp, and alex turner image alex turner, miles kane, and the last shadow puppets image
Miracle Aligner // The Last Shadow Puppets

˗ˏˋ N ˊˎ˗

aesthetic, black, and blue image ctrl, broken clocks, and sza image
Normal Girl // SZA

˗ˏˋ O ˊˎ˗

music image
Over the Moon // The Marias

˗ˏˋ P ˊˎ˗

music image
Playing Games // Summer Walker

˗ˏˋ Q ˊˎ˗

masego image glasses, photo shoot, and masego image
Queen Tings // Masego

˗ˏˋ R ˊˎ˗

blue, home, and Lyrics image aesthetic, album cover, and retro image
Revvin' my Cj7 // Summer Salt

˗ˏˋ S ˊˎ˗

beach house, lost, and Lyrics image music, soft rock, and beach house image
Space Song // Beach House

˗ˏˋ T ˊˎ˗

18, gif, and starboy image
Twenty Eight // The Weeknd

˗ˏˋ U ˊˎ˗

spotify and jakob ogawa image aesthetic, indie, and pink image
Up and Away // Jakob Ogawa

˗ˏˋ V ˊˎ˗

grunge, love, and aesthetic image donald glover, childish gambino, and love image music, Lyrics, and childish gambino image couple, love, and aesthetics image
V. 3005 // Childish Gambino

˗ˏˋ W ˊˎ˗

anime, quotes, and aesthetic image
West Coast Love // Emotional Oranges

˗ˏˋ X ˊˎ˗

coffee, purple, and mus image billie, music, and style image xanny and billie eilish image alternative, music, and vsco image
xanny // Billie Eilish

˗ˏˋ Y ˊˎ˗

aesthetic, alternative, and background image music, grunge, and banes world image
You Say I'm in Love // Banes World

˗ˏˋ Z ˊˎ˗

aesthetics, ghetto, and hood image
ZEZE // Kodak Black & Offset