Hello there, you beautiful human being,

I hope you're staying safe and healthy. Remember to take breaks if you need to, your mental health is more important than that assignment or test. Remember, people love you and are happy you're in their lives.
I'm having an important test tomorrow, but since I'm a pro at procrastination I decided to write an article instead of studying french. I'll regret it. But I'm not right now, so here's my bucketlist for 2021. Enjoy.


1 | go swimming in the river

hands, water, and aesthetic image water, aesthetic, and braids image

2 | go on a solo road trip for a day

aesthetic image autumn, green, and nature image

3 | enjoy the two weeks off between my graduation and starting to work

vogue, fashion, and white image girl, bed, and coffee image

4 | read 10 books

book, aesthetic, and dark academia image book, aesthetic, and hand image

5 | start to bake

chocolate, food, and sweet image chocolate, cooking, and yummy image

6 | start doing yoga

Image by Gauthier fitness, yoga, and green image

7 | redecorate/rearrange my room

aesthetic, bedroom, and room image bedroom, home, and interior image

8 | go sledding in winter

clouds, season, and smile image winter and snow image

9 | get mcdonald's from the nearest city

Image by saralawson97 fries, burger, and food image

10 | spend time with my friends (once lockdown is over again)

best friends, bff, and friendship image Image removed

11 | start painting

art, paint, and aesthetic image art, paint, and paint brushes image

12 | finish my novel

aesthetic, books, and decorations image book, coffee, and reading image

13 | graduate at first try (not having to re-take my exams in autumn)

colombia, student, and diploma image art, books, and knowledge image

14 | lose more weight

fit, fitness, and gym image booty, nike, and body goals image

15 | find love ???

boy, man, and couple image boy, couple, and girl image

16 | spend a day at a waterpark/spa (if possible)

melanin and friends image aesthetic, discover, and reading image

17 | dye my hair again

hair, beauty, and hairstyle image beauty, brunette, and chic image

18 | watch everything on my netflix watchlist

netflix, lockscreen, and Logo image app, art, and film image

19 | build a new wardrobe for myself

fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, style, and aesthetics image

20 | learn how to play the guitar (or at least starting with it)

acoustic, bed, and beige image music and guitar image

21 | spend more time with my pets

cat, animal, and cute image dog, cute, and animal image


That is it for the day.

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I hope you have a wonderful 24 hours ahead of you and I'll write to you in the following days.

- โ„ณoonchild โ™ฅ