Hi everyone and welcome to another post! This time I’ll show you some of my favourite things that I discovered in February this year.

There are many different categories (I’m interested in too many things hah) so I hope you’ll enjoy this post and maybe find something for yourself.



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Sabrina Carpenter - “Skin”

AronChupa & Little Sis Nora - “Trombone”

Daya - “Bad Girl”

music, demi lovato, and outfit image music, what other people say, and demi lovato image
Sam Fischer, Demi Lovato - “What Other People Say”

Cheat Codes ft. AJ Mitchell - “Hate You + Love You”

musicvideo, music, and david guetta image rita ora image
Rita Ora x Imanbek - “The One” & “Bang Bang”

Mark Tuan x Sanjoy - “One in a Million”

Jonas Blue, AWA - “Something Stupid”

Citizen Queen - “No Ego”

Becky G, Burna Boy - “Rotate”

bad bunny, rosalia, and la noche de anoche image bad bunny, fuego, and rosalia image
Bad Bunny x Rosalia - “La Noche De Anoche”

Nick Jonas - “Spaceman”

zara larsson image Zara, zara larsson, and we heart it image
Zara Larsson - “Look What You’ve Done”


You can see it here:


Tribes of Europa

It’s a German tv series. It’s set in 2074 after a global catastrophe that caused the European continent to fracture into dystopian warring tribal microstates who fight for dominance over other states (of course some of them live peacefully). Three siblings set out to change the fate of Europe. They get caught up in the conflict when they come into possession of a mysterious cube. It has action, mystery, thriller, violence but also blooming love, loyalty and family. It’s intriguing and has only 6 episodes – so it’s perfect if you like short tv series.

His Dark Materials

bbc, lyra belacqua, and hbo image his dark materials, lin manuel miranda, and andrew scott image
In February I watched second season of “His Dark Materials” and I loved it! The whole tv series is based on a trilogy by Philip Pullman. It is set in multi-world reality and the action moves between those worlds. The series follows young girl (and her deamon – animal companion that is manifesting her soul – adorable!) and her adventures in different worlds. In the second season she is working with Will – a boy from our world. The series is just amazing! It’s gripping, characters are interesting and developing and each episode makes you want to watch the next! I can’t wait for the third and final season!


comedy, funny, and jane fonda image movies, filmes, and monster in law image
I love movies with Jennifer Lopez and this one is definitely in my Top 3! The main character Charlie (played by JLo) has many different jobs but is an aspiring fashion designer. She meets Kevin (Michael Vartan) and after cleaning up misunderstanding about him being gay, they begin dating. Kevin’s mother Viola (Jane Fonda) is a talk show host that after being replaced by a young host has a meltdown (she attacked a guest on air) and is being sent to rest and calm down. After months of rest Kevin introduces his girlfriend to her mother and that’s when the whole action starts. Viola wants to end their relationship (she’s afraid she will lose her son), but Charlie won’t give up. And the war begins. I absolutely love all those battles between them – they are hilarious! And let me tell you, Viola’s assistant Ruby (Wanda Sykes) is my favourite! She’s savage, funny and confident. I really recommend you watching this movie if you like funny romantic comedies.

The Last Castle

mark ruffalo, war, and robert redford image the last castle image
The movie was just amazing! I’ve never watched it before and now I think it’s gonna be one of my favourites of all time. It’s an action drama film that portrays a struggle between inmates and the warden of a military prison. A highly decorated U.S. Army Lieutenant General, court martialed and sentenced for insubordination, challenges the prison commandant, a colonel, over his treatment of the prisoners. After mobilizing the inmates, the former general leads an uprising aiming to seize control of the prison. First of all, I LOVE this type of movies. But this one is just wonderful. Actors were phenomenal (Robert Redford – outstanding performance), plot was extremely interesting, action was gripping, I just couldn’t stop watching it – every minute was full of emotions and action. I also got really emotional. For me it’s a masterpiece and you HAVE to watch it at least once in your life.


Farina Jo
I love her channel so much. She’s funny, entertaining and has many interesting videos. You can find different topics on her channel like talks, pranks, dogs, q&as and many more. I especially adore her videos with her boyfriend – they're so adorable – couple goals! She also launched her own clothes recently and I’m so proud. You have to check out her channel!

Do you enjoy watching people reacting to different sorts of things? I love it and Peach is one of the best channel out there! Koreans react there to many different things like weird yt channels, men vs women, your idol actor/actress, iconic things and many more! I love watching them because they’re funny, witty and so nice. Like I would like to be friends with all of them! It’s also entertaining to watch people that react differently to many things – each one of them is different and because of their culture some things are new to them. You have to check out this channel!


In need of ideas for your nails? This account is perfect for you! Because I do my nails by myself, I find so much inspiration from this account! The nails are beautiful and you can find new photos almost every day. I’m sure you’ll find something for yourself and next time you will be able to have amazing, stylish nails!

I love drawing and I often scroll Instagram for inspiration for my next “piece of art”. The art on this account is stunning, I often recreate them or make my own by inspiring. They would also make wonderful tattoos.

When it comes to tattoos I just love this account. Their works are exactly my style and I think I’m gonna do one in their style. I also draw them sometimes. AMAZING!

Recently I got interested in zodiacs and their characteristics. It's amazing, shocking and hilarious how perfectly my zodiac sign describes me. I started following a bunch of different Instagram accounts connected with astrology and it's so fun! This account is one of the best in my opinion


Home-made pizza

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In February I found this recipe for home-made pizza without yeast, which makes the cooking easier and shorter. I’m a beginner in cooking and everything was so easy to follow! The ingredients weren’t hard to find (I had most of them at home already) and the process was easy and short. It tasted extremely good. I’m gonna make them more often with different toppings for sure!

Raspberry shots

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At the birthday party I was last week I tried raspberry shots (it’s flavoured vodka – in this case raspberry) and they were great! For all the people that like shots (and of course old enough to try them) I recommend trying them (add more syrup and less alcohol if you don’t like the taste of vodka like me).


Colourful eyeliner

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context_query=colourful+eyeliner&context_type=search I’ve been a fan of this trend for a long time. I love when my eyeliner isn’t black all the time. It adds freshness, creativity or boldness to your look. I often choose the colour based on what I’m going to wear and it looks amazing!

Little drawings on face

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I did it for the first time on Valentine’s Day – I drew a little heart on my cheek and fell in love with this trend! It looks adorable! Since then I tried drawing stars, smiley faces, dots and hearts. It looks great every time – it's something unique. I bet you would look amazing with this – try it!

Nude nails with graphics

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First of all – nude nails! I love them! It’s classy and chic. But when I saw nude nails with graphics – I fell in love! Classy but sassy at the same time!

New clothes from seasonal sales

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Who doesn’t love when there’s a sales season? Every year I wait for weeks to finally buy something I’ve wanted to buy for a long time but in a way lower price. This year wasn’t different and I bought bunch of clothes on sale and I couldn’t be happier!


Leigh Bardugo - “King of Scars”

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I love her books (I already read “Six of Crows” and “Crooked Kingdom”) and her style of writing so I had to read “King of Scars”. It takes place after both of the books I mentioned earlier and has some of the characters introduced in “Six of Crows”. For me, another great book from Leigh Bardugo! It has a gripping plot, interesting characters (that also develops during the book), a great setting and witty comments (I loved all the characters – but Nikolaj’s comments were wonderful). I really recommend you read those books, you won’t regret it!


Winx Obsession

bloom and winx club image art, deviantart, and fanart image
Let me tell you that I was a huge fan of Winx when I was a child. And since the Netflix Tv series everything came back to me. Whole Internet started to get obsessed with Winx and I love it! All those fanarts, aesthetics, if I were in Winx challenges and many others. I’m so happy to see so many creative things connected with one of my favourite childhood tv series.

That’s all for today!
I had so many favourite things in February! I hope you liked this article and see you soon!