Happy March Everyone!

I don't have much favorites this month since I wasn't really in touch with my artistic side, and I've started my second semester so it's kind of hard to find free time during the day.
But I wanted to share a few things nonetheless :)


Films and Series

  • Emily in Paris
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I watched Emily in Paris in the beginning of this month and finished it in one night hehe, I love love love Lilly Collins and her outfits in this show were absolutely amazing!
  • Hunter x Hunter
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This anime has been on my 'to be watched' list since forever, and I've finally started it this month, I don't think it's perfect nor is it the best anime out there (In my opinion) but I still love it so much, the characters are very wholesome and I love them all very dearly.


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There hasn't been an artist whom I was dedicated to this month, but I have been listening to playlists on Youtube, the ones like "You've fallen in love with the villian' and others, here are some of my favorites:


This one at the top is my absolute favorite, it gives me so many emotions and feelings and I have no idea why. Plus, this playlist was on loop in the background all the time while I read The Invisible Life of Addie Larue and it made it 10x better!!


And this one just makes me cry to be honest.


  • Cameron\Chamberofsecretbooks on tiktok & Instagram
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She does book reviews on Instagram and really funny booktoks, I'm so obsessed with her videos!!!

Here's her Instagram if you want to follow :)

  • Sakurajima Mai
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I watched Rascal does not dream of bunny girl senpai this month and I loved it, but it's not really a favorite hehe, the characters on the other hand were amazing, I loved Mai's character so much that I had to include her here even if she's fictional. Look at her, she's adorable ˃ ᵕ ˂


  • Nail Art
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I'm really bad at doing fun things and designs on my nails but it's really fun to try and experiment with colors and glitter or even stickers!
  • Pinterest & We Heart It
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I've been using these two a lot this month whether to write, find inspiration or just find cute pictures. Someone tweeted that Pinterest is so much more fun since it's media without social and I relate so hard honestly hehe

And that's it, I'm sorry it's kind of short but this is what February looked\sounded like to me. I hope you enjoyed and I'll see you in my next article.

As usual, feel free to message me here if you have questions or just want to talk!

Until next time,
Stay safe <3

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