As I'm new to the site, I thought I'd do this to introduce myself. So, without further ado:

Animal I love

cat, animals, and kitty image

Best feature

nails, girl, and fashion image
My nails, and the shape of them


aesthetic, alt, and bed image aesthetic, background, and fabric image
Pinks and Purples

Dreams I have

love, couple, and heart image career, job, and jobs image
To fall in love, and to get a job!


nature image
Earth (see also Zodiac)

Favourite foods

aesthetic, aesthetics, and potter image amazing, blogger, and cake image
Chocolate and cake - basically anything sweet except grapefruit!

Greatest achievements

heart transplant in india image fashion design, friends, and graduation image
Having a heart transplant, and graduating with an MA degree in 18th century studies


funny, humor, and memes image
5 foot 1 (ish)

In love with

decisions, quote, and words image
My family

Job of my dreams

bookseller and amazonshopping image etsy, bunhead, and thankyougift image book, coffee, and reading image
Bookseller/Librarian/Author - basically anything to do with books!

Kids I want

blue, numbers, and signs image
I don't want any


mood, quotes, and english accent image frase en español image book, aesthetic, and dark academia image
English, AS-Level Spanish, and I'm currently learning Latin on Duolingo

Magical power I want

book, friendship, and series image
Animagi - the ability to turn into an animal

Number of siblings

blue, numbers, and signs image
Again, none

One favourite song

boy, girl, and Lyrics image
My top song from 2020 - Beneath Your Beautiful by Labrinth and Emile Sande


aesthetic, water, and infj image 9, types, and discovery image
INFJ, and Enneagram type 9

Quotes I love

black and white, choice, and love quote image book, tattoo, and reader image quotes image quotes, life, and words image
Just some of my favourite quotes!

Reasons to smile

animal, duck, and nature image Inspiring Image on We Heart It cat, animal, and flowers image
Baby ducks, lambs and cats, obviously


colours, style, and winter image books, gamine, and dresses image
Winter colours, classic gamine style

Time I wake up

streetwear, 730 clothing, and zimbabwe image
Any time from 7:30 onwards

Underrated feature

intelligence, quotes, and beautiful image
My intelligence


art posters, decor, and wallart image etsy, Greece, and wall art image
Italy and the Greek islands

Worst habit

food, hungry, and snacks image
I'm a snacker!

X-Rays I've had

butterfly image


alternative, injection, and edgy image Image by Elandiel
I'm squeamish about needles and eye operations


aesthetic, the bull, and ♉ image virgo image aesthetic, december, and purple image
Taurus Sun, Virgo Moon and Capricorn Rising