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after a long time, I've decided to continue this kind of article.
there are 5 parts in total!

here are the other ones :

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13) Soft Grunge
☼ flannels
☼ checkerd
☼ denim
☼ vinyls

background, checkered, and closet image grunge, aesthetic, and skate image vintage, music, and aesthetic image fashion, 90s, and style image alternative, emo, and happiness image fashion and style image

14) Grunge
☼ plaid
☼ cigarettes
☼ glitch

grungecore, citycore, and carrd moodboard image grunge aesthetic, grungecore, and grunge moodboard image boy, grunge, and tattoo image aesthetic, mood, and cigarette image supreme, boy, and guy image aesthetic, flannel, and grunge image


15) Skater
☼ skateboarding
☼ flannels
☼ converse/vans
☼ checkered

Image by miso ?! grunge, aesthetic, and skater image alt, brandy, and aesthetic image 2000, aesthetic, and bad girl image aesthetic, grunge, and ulzzang image skateboard and skater image

16) Cryptidcore
☼ cryptids
☼ urban legends
☼ dark forests
☼ abandoned buildings

dark and black and white image grunge, swing, and dark image aesthetic, clouds, and creepy image aesthetic, creepy, and dark image city and house image abandoned, buildings, and overgrown image
colors: muted colors, dark green

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