You disgust me.

I cry to you and you called me self centered
I knew you weren't going to change

Don't care about my emotions.

You say the words I love you but I dont feel it when I need it the most
So I let you go now

I rather feel alone than feel alone while being next to you
If i'm alone It's going to be by myself not by your side

I always loved everything about you because it was sweet
Now everything is rotten
Leave me alone if you don't mean the words I love you
If you loved me, you wouldn't call me self centered when I cried to you
If you loved me, being there for me wouldn't be a problem
But it is
Fuck you

Love is kind. Love is patient.
You are not love.
The first time you told me I loved you
The next days after
You showed no love but you showed me how everyone around me showed me love.
Love is minimal. Love is pain. Love is limited and conditional.

You are not love.