inspired by:

favorite album:

selena gomez image album, gifs, and selena gomez image Image removed gif, rare, and selena gomez image

favorite music video:

selena gomez image celebrity, makeup, and selena gomez image beauty, sel, and kill em with kindness image
kill em with kindness.

favorite song from kiss and tell:

selenagomez, demilovato, and justinbieber image selena gomez and selena image gif and selena gomez image
naturally + i won't apologize.

favorite song from a year without rain:

selena gomez image selena gomez and a year without rain image black and white, selena gomez, and gif image
a year without rain.

favorite song from when the sun goes down:'

when the sun goes down, beautiful, and gomez image actress, beautiful, and gif image perfect, pink, and selena gomez image
love me like a love song.

favorite song from stars dance:

bw, selena gomez, and stars dance image aesthetic, artist, and black&white image gif, come and get it, and era image
the heart wants what it wants + my dilemma.

favorite song from revival:

naked, photoshoot, and selena gomez image Image by Misha classy, revival, and fashion image
kill em with kindness + survivors.

favorite song from rare:

album, selena gomez, and music image selena gomez image gif, rare, and selena image
souvenir + she + ring.

most underated song:

awards, selena gomez, and m&g image selena gomez, revival, and revival tour image dark, gif, and gif collection image
survivors + perfect + people you know.

most overated song:

selena gomez image artist, artista, and beleza image
come and get it.

best featured song:

beautiful, celebrities, and chic image beautiful, celebrities, and gif image
i can't get enough.

best soundtrack song:

selena gomez, demi lovato, and demi image demi lovato, gif, and one and the same image
one and the same.

favorite single:

selena gomez, selena, and bad liar image pink, selena gomez, and sel image gif, random, and bad liar image
bad liar.

hope you guys like it! xoxo