I've made many entries on my little online diary here. And now here I am writing to a man who gives me a helluva gold rush.

Long slick golden hair, falls so perfectly upon your face sculpting the most gorgeous appearance I have ever seen. Those golden strands cover up those green eyes that always left me wondering if you could love me, but your eyes speak more hesitant than of love.

Who Am I kidding? ( Emphasis on KID) when you're much older and experienced while you see me as a naïve young girl who just twiddles her thumbs at the drop of a hat, but you're not wrong. I'm still at the shallow end of life dipping my toes and preparing to swim towards circumstances of uncertainty.

I feel as if you look at me as if I'm some kid who needs to contain her emotions towards an older man, such as yourself. You tell me you want to feel my skin on yours; and you runaway while I long to get skinitimate as long as it brings me closer to you just to at least for once feel your hand caressing my skin to the point where I get goosebumps, all I ask for one touch, one kiss, one embrace.... but you're all looks and no touch.