hey! today i just wanted to share my thoughts on some people's perception of social media may influence their experience.

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during different presentations in school, with friends, and throughout social media itself, we are often told about how social media is bad for us and our mental health.
personally, this can or can't be true. it totally depends on the way you use it.

finding the bad

in my opinion, the bad sides of social apps are found within whatever accounts you choose to see and follow. an example, on tiktok, i believe if you are following the mainstream "tiktokers" you are not getting the best out of the app. there are so many better educational videos you could instead be seeing.

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filtering out the bad

when looking at a social media app from afar, you may only see the main aspects of it. celebrities, friends posting photos, a place to waste your hours. you can choose to unfollow and ignore things like these and instead find helpful, healthier things to look at. on instagram, there are countless amounts of accounts that focus on self care, mental health, educating young people, and many people don't see these when they look at the media because they are not advertised as often.

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i subscribe to the idea of getting rid of the beautiful but photoshopped models i follow, the problematic youtuber drama accounts, and friends who aren't always so friendly.

choosing a right path on social media

think about what you enjoy seeing when you go on your phone. it can be memes, self care threads, educational clips, or something to do with your passion. whatever it is, unfollow everything else unhelpful to you and choose to use your time spent online as a way to help you improve yourself and your future.

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social media is not the unhealthy, terrible world we are told to believe it is. look past the drama and unnecessary photos and decide to choose different for yourself. you can find things that really matter, and you will feel less useless in the end.

you always come first, and it is okay to take breaks or move on from something that once brought you joy.

sorry for all the text, but thank you for reading it anyway:)

as always,
love & light ♡