a while ago i made an article with some of my favorite songs a -z, so im doing it again now but updated :)

aesthetic, cupid, and diamonds image aesthetic, angel, and Lyrics image
a - angel by kali uchis
aesthetic, blue, and crying image madison beer image yungblud, machine gun kelly, and ️mgk image aesthetic, yungblud, and tickets to my downfall image
b - blue by madison beer and body bag by mgk (i cant choose one or the other)
candy, subtitles, and sweet image aesthetic, artists, and dreamy image
c - candy by doja cat
Inspiring Image on We Heart It daisy, slytherin, and ashnikko image
d - daisy by ashnikko
Image removed concert, webster hall, and chase atlantic image
e - empty by chase atlantic
chips, food porn, and hot cheetos image claire cottrill and clairo image
f - flaming hot cheetos by clairo
aesthetic, colors, and icon image Image by Private User Lyrics, guys my age, and hey violet image music, pop, and rock image
g - gasoline by halsey and guys my age by hey violet
one direction, midnight memories, and liam payne image black and white, happily, and Lyrics image
h - happily one direction
aesthetic, saweetie, and Lyrics image sabrina carpenter image
i - i cant stop me by sabrina carpenter
5sos, michael clifford, and ashton irwin image 5sos, quotes, and 5 seconds of summer image
j - jet black heart by 5 seconds of summer
aesthetic, grunge, and text image handsome, brithish, and tpwk image
k - kiwi by harry styles
aesthetic, artist, and band image lemonade, yellow, and yungblud image
l - lemonade by yungblud
Lyrics, mine, and Taylor Swift image aesthetic, era, and style image Image by ༺❀༻ mirror, justin timberlake, and quotes image
m - mine by taylor swift and mirrors by justin timberlake (classics)
Lyrics, lockscreen, and shawn image celebrities, handsome, and sexy image
n - no promises by shawn mendes
Image by ~lostmyhead~ quote, Lyrics, and twenty one pilots image
o - ode to sleep by twenty one pilots
coldplay, paradise, and frases image coldplay, concert, and paradise image
p - paradise by coldplay
aesthetic, authentic, and beauty image alternative, colombia, and music image
q - quiro sentirme bien by kali uchis
pink, light, and neon image rihanna image
r - rude boy by rihanna
boy band and prettymuch image aesthetic, couple, and prettymuch image city, Lyrics, and st tropez image j.cole, celeb, and rapper image
s - smackables by prettymuch and st tropez by j cole
jeremy zucker image vibe, blackbear, and jeremy zucker image
t - talk is overrated by jeremy zucker
Lyrics, romance, and music image aesthetic, artist, and edit image
u - used to this by camila cabello
Image by erica carolesdaughter image
v - violent by carolesdaughter
ex, feels, and bf image machine gun kelly image
w - waste love by mgk
header, layout, and purple aesthetic image billie, Lyrics, and xanny image
x - xanny by billie eilish
90s, aesthetic, and alternative image jesse rutherford and the neighbourhood image
y - you get me so high by the neighborhood
the cranberries and zombie image 90s, music, and the cranberries image
z - zombie by the cranberries

i highly recommend all these songs