do you ever get that feeling that something beautiful has ended even though the ending has never been discussed in actual words. for me that's something I have a really hard time dealing with.
that connection with that person was there the whole time but neither of you ever really felt talking about it. I'm always scared of telling people how I really feel and it keeps destroying everything good there ever is for me. it's because I can't admit my own feelings to myself that all these good things end without even talking about it. if there at least would be reason for the connection to end it would give me some kind closure i guess, but endings like that keep destroying me. i keep all the "what if I acted different"s in my head and all i have left is regret. regret for me not expressing my feeling because, at the right time, it might have changed everything. but all i'm left with now is that person leaving without even a real end. happy or not at least some kind of ending.