Basic info:

Artist: PRC Bayan Khan
Title: 80000!
Composer: Bayan Khan
Lyrics: Bayan Khan

length: 1:48
released: October 26 2017
Producer: DROYC
Mixed/arranged by: Wang Yu

Meaning (my interpretation):

there is no real mv

the chinese lyrics -

Let me start by saying this song has been representing my mood for quite some time now. This song is if we only read the lyrics about a boy who wants to sleep with a woman. He says that he wants to see her nacked body and that she is the candy he wants in his mouth.

Even tho the « sexual » lyrics is showing a lot in the lyrics i dont think one should interpret this song only on those in “the eye jumping“ lines. If we look past these sentences it is soon to realise that he actually wants to have her near him. Not only in a sexual way but also during « spring, summer, autumn and winter ». He actually wants a serious relationship with that woman which makes the song hit a bit different. He wants her to most comfortable with him. In my opinion he loves her very much and wants her safe with him.

The song has a very chill sounding melody which gives the song some innocent kind of look. The first time i heard the song i supposed it was about someone regretting that he didn’t took action. Like he wanted to have a relationship with someone but it didn’t work out and now he is in the phase of regretting not fighting enough but now after reading and hearing the lyrics and the melody i understand that he must feel a lot for the woman. I still believe it’s too late and that’s why he ends the song with “i think about u”.

My final rating:

• The melody makes one believe it’s already too late which gives a sad-ish vibe to the song

• The last sentence is often repeat; so it will be stuck in ur head for a long time

• A very chill vibe accompanies the song which makes it pleasant to listen to

• It’s a song to listen to when u have unrequited love or when u feel like u’re in a certain mood

• I like this song a lot bc one can interpret it in many ways. I would give it a 9/10


Thank you so much for reading this. I wish you a great rest of the day and don’t forget to remain happy. :) Lots of love :)