Basic info:

Artist: Stray Kids
Song: Glow
Album: Mixtape
Label: JYP entertainment

length: 3:24
released: January 8, 2018
written by: Lee Know, Felix, Changbin
firstly performed: November 7 2017
firstly performed by: Minho, Felix, Changbin

Meaning (my interpretation):

in english -

Glow is about going after your dreams even when it’s hard. You realise it is way harder to get what u want and you are about to give up. Or at least you are thinking about giving up as the finish line is still very far away. The song actually talks about both sides “giving up” and “not giving up”.. The goal is far away but u must acknowledge how far u have come already and what a shame it would be to give up now bc in that case everything u had worked for would be a waste.

In Hyunjin’s first part he says that he sees many people running (following their dreams) and that there are also some who fall which means they don’t succeed in full filling their dreams. Then he realised that they just have a minor step back and that failing doesn’t mean to give up. We shouldn’t give up after a little defeat.

The song tells us to not give up no matter how far away we think our dream is. It also tells us that it’s ok to rest for a while but we mustn’t forget to keep going. They tell us to gather our energy and try again tomorrow. We must not give up. We will succeed someday.

As for the melody; the song has a flow that begins with the opening and ends at the last moment. There is not even one moment one is confused about the tone or vibe. It is a very constant and steady song which i like a lot.


There is no official music video and that’s why i will state some general facts about the album „Mixtape” and the song itself (also my interpretations).

Mixtape is a pre debut album released January 8, 2018. Their first performance of the song Glow was in their pre debut reality show called “StrayKids”. Stray Kids writes their own song; it is no surprise that we get songs about the great pressure of being a teenager/trainee. We all felt like we couldn’t reach for our goal and wanted to give up.

One of my first song analysis was on skz’s song “Grow up” which has a similar message. “Glow” tells us not to give up in times we really dont see another option and that we cannot waste everything we worked for. And “Grow up” is talking about the fact that it’s ok if we havent reached the finish line yet; we did a good job. We may have fallen down or were challenged by difficult things but we did out best and that’s all what matters.

My final rating:

• I like that he wants to comfort us while saying it is not bad to have step backs

• i love the vibe the song gives (melody+text work very well together)

• the meaning of the song is in my opinion very deep and also relatable to many people

• It’s a song to listen to when u feel like giving up and if u “cannot” see ur goal or are unmotivated

• SKZ’s Glow is very important to me which means i can relate to it very well. I would give it a 10/10


Thank you so much for reading this. I wish you a great rest of the day and don’t forget to remain happy. :) Lots of love :)