Basic info:

Artist: BTS
Title: Singularity
Album: Love yourself: Tear
Label: BigHit Entertainment

length: 3:32
released: May 6 2018
lyrics: Charlie J Perry, Kim Namjoon
produced by: Charlie J Perry
performed by: Kim Taehyung
genre: Neo-Soul, pop

Meaning (my interpretation):

in english -

To start of, this song analysis i would like to say that the lyrics fit the easy going neo soul vibe very well and that's one of the factors that make me like the song even more.

In the song Tae talks about ice on a lake breaking. I believe the ice stands for the inner conflict between being the real u and being the way people want u to be. The lyrics hold a lot of emotional text. He talks about that he feels the ice breaking and that it is becoming spring (the ice is melting). He is trying to ignore the fact that he is slowly putting down his mask and shows his emotion.. maybe for a special person.
Singularity shows us that we all wear masks and in order to be loved we have to put that mask down. Putting the mask down unfortunately also means being vulnerable and we might end up alone. Taehyung also asks himself if he lost himself or gained the other person which i think is about him trying to be the way people (that special someone) want him to be. No one can maintain that image forever and in the song he fears to end up alone after the mask breaks.


The mv begins with Taehyung dancing alone while putting his had through hanging clothes. He makes it look like he is dancing with someone else in a romantic or intimate way. We firstly see the backup dancers lying on the ground and later they get up and dance while Tae doesn’t dance with the clothes( symbolism for that special someone).
There’s a scene in which Tae leaves the room as he is touching ice that almost cracks.
The dancers dance a choreography that could fit a pop song very well; which maybe symbolise him being torn between letting the mask break or trying to fix the mask. Tae on the other hand changes a lot between flowing moves and more rigid movements which could also show his uncertainty about what he will do.

Another scene i likes was when the backup dancers danced with the clothes representing woman just like Taehyung did at the beginning of the mv. In my opinion that shows we are not the only one suffering from getting feelings for someone and being afraid of the consequences.

My final rating:

• The melody of the song fits the mv very well

• Tae’s calm voice makes the song fit it’s neo soul genre even better

• I love that the Singularity shows us that falling in love is also a scary experience bc we can never know whether that person will accept the way we really are or not

• It’s a song to listen to when u are scared of being alone and falling for someone.

• I believe a lot of people can relate to the meaning of the song as it’s a thing we all go thorough at some point in our life

• I would give SINGULARITY a 11/10 bc it touches ur soul and makes u feel not alone with ur fear of showing urself to the world


Thank you so much for reading this. I wish you a great rest of the day and don’t forget to remain happy. :) Lots of love :)