Basic info:

Artist: Stray Kids
Song: Maze of Memories
Album: Clé1: Miroh
Label: JYP entertainment

length: 2:55
released: March 25, 2019
written by: 3racha
composed by: 3racha

Meaning (my interpretation):

in english-

Maze of memories is a perfect example to show that everyone in Stray kids is capable of rapping. There are so many wordplays in this song which may confuse some international fans at first but once you get the hang of it, it’s actually awesome af.

The song is about our mind being a maze of memories. A bad mindset can hold you back and it can make it harder for you to succeed. Your dreams are harder to achieve due to your dark past. At the beginning of the song we start to think about us and what all this actually means and during the whole song we see ourself as in we see the yesterday’s future. (It’s kind of hard to explain.. but the lyrics is very intense, deep and meaningful). Today we see how we know how we were yesterday and the way we are today is our future’s past; therefore sky explains that while changing your mindset unintentionally or intentionally, you will come across those days where you see your old self and question life.

The development you go through everyday to become the human you are today...(every step and every thought makes one change and develop). The song talks about a time you question everything. During the 3rd part of the song we have « Anger » thrown into the process. It’s normal to feel frustrated and angry because while changing stuff that used to be familiar seem so unfamiliar and the things you want to feel or understand feel so far away. The english part of Felix talks about rage and history that connects your « now » and your « past ».

The line « Should I give up. But really, can I give up » is a thought everyone that goes through change or hardships has felt. « We live in a time and space, a world full of blinds. It makes me wanna give up. » brings such an intense meaning to the song. That line does not mean that there are many blind people in the world but there are ignorant people in the world that CHOOSE not to see the problem or the necessary change! SKZ then proceeds in telling us they cannot give up and they also don’t WANT to give up. In the last few lines Chan tells us to rise higher and chase our dreams. And to never give up. The song then ends in INnie saying « To see tomorrow, I run a little more. Never give up. » Basically this song is telling us about the hardship that comes while coming of age and changing your point of view. The ending message is to never give up no matter how hard it seems.

Now to the voices: Seungmin, IN and Woojin have created art in this song. Their voices is much more low-pitched than usual and it actually fits very well. Moreover Minho who has never rapped in his life before becoming a member of SKZ came a long way.. His rapping became so good and i will never not be surprised by the talent that man holds. Additionally Seungmin’s english part is amazing. Every member created art.

We could split the song in 4 smaller parts. On the first look one may think there are multiple songs in one song but after a few more tries it turns out that Maze of memories is a bop. If you compare the beginning and the end the song changes completely but that’s what makes it unique. The track has 3-4 different beats and represent « MAZE » very well. Listen to it once and you will feel like you are in a maze.The change of vibe and beat is actually a perfect way to maintain interest.

The whole song has a western hip-hop style (the vibe, police sirens, the flow change, etc). The first singing part is Woojin, IN and Han. It starts off with a simple yet intriguing entrance. The first flow switch actually happens during Han’s rap part. The second part begins with a « signal » sound and Han’s second rap part is later followed by Hyunjin and Minho. Then we have another change of melody opening Changbin’s rap part. Hyunjin and Minho also have a rap in that part of the song which i think suits him a lot. Finally the english rap part makes the song come to an end. The last part opens up with a very small lyrics break and sirens. Felix’s opens the last part with his dark voice and rap skills. Seungminnie then followed with a dark pitch. That part is absolutely insane! After that Chan’s part comes up and after his part Woojin and IN end the song with the slightly changed « Never give up » line.

The duality of the song and lyrics is insane; it’s one of my fav side tracks to be honest. The different flows, beats and vibes are what this track makes so unique. It honestly deserves more attention! Every member did an amazing job and i am all about the low-voiced part of Seungmin!! Who would have thought our puppy could spit some bars?

My final rating:

• Minho’s dark voice >>>>>>>

• The tune in Chan’s rap part is superior

• Back vocals during the last view lines make the song even more unique

• The message>>>

• The song makes people understand the korean way of “working” (it gives a little insight)

• SKZ’s Maze of memories is sadly a underrated song in the kpop industry. I would give it a 11/10


Thank you so much for reading this. I wish you a great rest of the day and don’t forget to remain happy. :) Lots of love :)