Basic info:

Artist: Stray Kids
Song: Voices
Album: I am who
Label: JYP entertainment

length: 3:20
released: August 6 2018
written by: 3racha
composed by: 3racha, trippy

Meaning (my interpretation):

in english-

Voices is... like the title already says about “voices”. I believe everyone has already made their experience with the voices inside their head. Some of these voices are positive and encouraging... and some are rather negative and tell us all those negative things like “u are not good enough”, “what if someone sees”, “u re embarrassing” and so on.
In this song Skz tells about the journey of breaking free from those voices. Skz then realises that no matter what will happen, there will always be a voice telling us either negative of positive things. It’s normal and as soon as we accept that we can focus on the good things in life and succeed in not making those “bad” voices win over our thoughts.
We are all individuals and we deserve to be happy. Growing means accepting our ups as much as our downs. Therefore those voices should not be overheard but they should motivate us to become the best version of ourselves. Not for others but for us!
Moreover Skz’s vocals in Voices are just insane... the first time i heard it i was soo impressed and let's be honest the refrain is very catchy.

Skz never disappoints me in making songs about real life matters. They talk about mental health issues and about many other important topics. One reason why i love skz so much is that their songs are real.. not fake in any way. In every song a link to an event or a moment in their life// stays’ life can be made which i think is extremely impressive.


The mv is actually a performance video and it starts with them being in a circle and “walking” around. They are surrounded by apartment houses i would say... It seems like a “new” build place which could represent that our mind is constantly building new relationships and new moments as we live our life.
During shots we are under a bridge which could show the diversity of a mind. Our mind is big and sometimes we think we surpassed those bad voices and then boom another voice (second thought) pops up and makes us question out actions all over again.
The landscape that is also shown shows the emptiness that could leave the voices if we dont so anything about them. In that shot Skz wears those masks that could in fact be taken off easily; yet no one does it which means even tho it might be easy to escape the voices for a while some are not able to do it without help.
The last mv shot is also in the empty landscape but this time Skz has their masks off and dance the vocies “away”.. It’s the end of the song and they show us that even tho it may be hard and seem endless we can succeed in having a healthy relationship with our mind. Even tho that also includes ups and downs.

My final rating:

• Changbin’s rap part is very relatable and that’s why i like it a lot

• I really like their dance parts and enjoy watching the mv a lot

• The song holds an important message

• SKZ’s Voices is one of my most fav songs which means i absolutely love it. I would give it a 10/10


Thank you so much for reading this. I wish you a great rest of the day and don’t forget to remain happy. :) Lots of love :)