❤ A lil article about self- love ❤

Tied down by the begrudging mayhem of a stressful life, we often forget that there is an oasis of serenity within.
The very cause of our distress is but our own vicious thoughts. Sure, the environment that nurtures our being contributes towards our mental health and outlook on life but what we fail to realize is that our mind is much more powerful than we give it credit for.

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We often compare ourselves to others. And I'll give it to you, it's hard not to. All I ask is, to see the good in yourself just as you do in others. It's all about your mindset. Level up baby, you deserve to be in a headspace where creativity flows freely, love for everything around you disperses openly.

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We're always criticized for our bad behavior, judged by our outbursts. We apparently show our 'true colors' only when we're angry. But to you I ask, is that all we are? How come we're reduced to our moments of vexation? So all the good we do is singled down to one wrong move?
I think the fuck not. You are more than your lowest points. You are more than I could ever ask for.
You are strong. You are beautiful. You are the epitome of life itself.
Please, treat yourself to some self love. It's important.

Do what makes you happy, makes you feel worthy, what inspires you to be better.

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Here's a few quotes that I live by, some that inspire me, others that reinforce my beliefs :

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It's insane how your outlook in life can change by the little things you do. The best way forward is to have a positive attitude about yourself, your capabilities, your luck, your life. YOU are the artist of your canvas. Reminder : it's okay to go back and work on the strokes you want to perfect.

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It's high time we start loving ourselves.

Here's a collection of quotes for y'all:

~ All my love