Hi guys

Being in a long distance relationship is... interesting...
I've been in a relationship for more than a year now, we started by having an ocean between us, an 1 hour flight away, right now I can fall asleep on his arms, I can see him, I can kiss him, I can hold his hand, all of this, whenever we want to.

It all started on November 2019, he sent me a dm and we started talking, we were DMing each other for a whole week when I finally gave him my phone number, and there it was, the phone calls became a routine and we would pull all nighters talking, even tho I had to work at 9. Closer to Christmas we became video chatting and that became our new routine.

After 9 months of waiting (July 2020), I had a baby, no, I'm joking, better than that, we finally met! He stayed with me for 2 weeks and it was amazing, I still hold those memories very tightly, we could finally do all the things we wished for. After the two weeks he had to go back home, my heart suffered so much, I would walk around the house and cried cause he wasn't there anymore and I was so scared of not seeing him ever again. Obviously I saw him again, on October I flew to visit him and stayed for 2 weeks.

The new year came, and I didn't have a job anymore, I was doing absolutely nothing at that point, I saw it as an opportunity to change, and that's what I did, I left home and came to build another one. It wasn't an easy decision, somedays I really wanted to change things and go ahead with my decision and others I wanted to cancel the flight and give up on my new life.

It's been 2 months since I moved, I miss home so much, I miss my mom a lot and also my friends, when I feel a bit down I just want to go back home, but those are only down days, today is a good one, a really good one, and I'm glad I made this decision.

Today I can finally be with him, and I can tell you, there's nothing better than being in the arms of the one you love.