how to deal with adhd from someone with adhd.

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growing up with it has been a challenge, especially during highschool and education in general however, as a nearly 19 year old i have found a few, simple ways to cope with it. These may not work for everyone but if i can help just one person, i'll be happy. this is a small list of stuff i can think of however there are a lot more stuff i still need to deal with and add.

trigger warning; brief mentions of self harm and eating disorder.

get a planner.

okay so this one is an annoying one because who wants to plan really? however with adhd, a good way to get things done is with a schedule and a loose one could work. im not a good planner but some people are and it may work for you.

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it doesnt even have to be a fancy one, just a quick outline of important tasks.

find out your learning style.

an important one to remember. mine is colours and pictures, i can focus and retain more information when there's picture representation and lots of colours, and just 'fun' looking. finding this out has made learning a lot more easier. i suggest finding out whats easier for you to learn as it makes it that little bit easier.

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limit all distractions.

when doing work it's easy to just focus on other interesting things like your phone or that random question you just thought of, and sometimes that's fine but sometimes you need to focus on another task. i work better in an educational setting (library or classroom/work space) but obviously covid has made that hard so make it look like such.

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limit colours and things that easily distract you can help. put your phone away and anything you usually grab for.

listening to music doesn't always help.

i've learned that listening to music i know doesn't help. i get focused on the lyrics and picking the perfect song which takes away from the task. i suggest listening to new music or instrumental music.

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take breaks often.

an obvious one but when you get distracted, take small breaks and get right back to it. if you make a plan, you can even factor those breaks in every 20 minutes or so. if you're in school make sure your teacher knows about your condition so they know, when you are distracted, it's not you being rude or disruptive.

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get a fidget toy.

i have to be playing with something at all times, whether that's a toy or a wrapper i picked up. if you're the same i suggest investing a couple of pounds/dollars/your currency to buy a cheapish fiddle toy. these can be under £5 from a small toy store and are great. they can help ground you and calm you down when you're stressed or just be something to play with.

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listen to a sleep meditation when sleeping.

something that stops me from sleeping is the fact that my mind is constantly racing with thoughts and sometimes it can be hard to process. something i've been doing recently is listening to a medication video when i'm trying to sleep. i suggest sleep meditation lauren ostrowski fenton on spotify. they're an hour+ long and have helped me sleep even when i thought i couldn't.

link to the meditation podcast.

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or you can do it throughout the day but i only suggest a short one, like 5 minutes long.

when exercising, do something that usually distracts you.

this could be a fidget toy you like or your phone. mine is instagram reels and videos. i have an exercise bike and can be on it for an hour without realising it when on instagram, however if i were to use nothing or use a 20 minute long video, i get distracted wondering how many calories i've burned or how long i've been on it for.

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eat healthy amounts.

a problem with my adhd is i have no self control. i will binge until i'm sick (i did this a lot when i was younger) and that isn't healthy at all. other people may experience the opposite and be so distracted by other things they forget they're hungry. this also isn't healthy. try to eat what your body wants and not what you want, and also remember to eat at certain times (which can be easier with a planner)

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make lists.

super important. i struggle with remembering stuff unless it's written down. i mean every title or thing i want to talk about here is written in my notes app so i don't keep forgetting. so make sure to list things that are important.

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learn how to deal with your anger or extreme emotions.

this doesn't mean suppressing (not that that's easy for someone with adhd), it just means learn different techniques. when i'm mad my go to thing is to hurt myself or break things, which aren't good or healthy anger outlets and have possible consequences later.

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did you know that hugging someone releases stress? when you're stressed or angry or upset, hug someone tightly, or even hug a teddy.

take care of your mental health.

not everyone with adhd with develop mental health issues however it's common for it to happen. due to the masses of stress everyday that come with having adhd, it's easier for us to develop things such as depression and anxiety. because of this, you should surround yourself with people you like and just make sure to take care of yourself. it can be so hard sometimes, just doing a daily task can feel almost impossible but it's not forever.

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seek help if you are feeling depressed or anxious or stressed. please keep safe.

medication aren't always the answer.

the last one. i took adhd meds from the age of 12 all the way up to the age of 17. during that time, although yes my adhd was suppressed and i was able to pass highschool with great grades, something i couldn't have achieved without them, i was extremely depressed and didn't eat. the side effects were depression, a loss of appetite and many more other horrible things. when you first get diagnosed, from my experience (and a few others), they rarely offer help and just offer tablets as its easier for them to suppress than it is to help us deal with it.

the issues that came with the tablets were bad, and not only that but they took away me. i didn't feel like myself on them and i just felt like a zombie. as well as this, being medication free for over a year now, i'm just now learning how to deal with my adhd. it's been hard as i feel like i've had a late start and i'm trying to deal with things that should have been dealt with when i was a child, but i couldn't be more happier. i'm finally me.

my suggestion with meds is talk properly about them. know all the side effects (my mum kept them from me) and search before taking them. you have a right to choose what's best for you, whether that's with them or not. please do research first

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finally this is over! i doubt, if anyone actually reads this, would get this far. we have a tendency to not want to read long winded stuff, but if you have, thank you. i hope my tips have helped and you have a slight more understanding of how to deal with adhd. if you're just here because you're interested, i hope i've taught you something new about it.

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