Hi everyone! Welcome to another article!
This time I’m gonna show you my favourite Korean releases from February.

They’re in a random order and from different musical categories.
I’m not gonna comment on them, because I like or love every single song here.


bibi image lq bibi image
BIBI - “Eat my love”

Kylie - “Never be the same”

PLAT9 - “A day without you”

cinema, kpop, and cix image aesthetic, bx, and seunghoon image
CIX - “Cinema” & new mini album
aesthetic, cover, and magazine image idol, kfashion, and khiphop image
youra - “MIMI” & mini album “Gaussian”

DAYBREAK - “Doesn’t make sense”

denim, dress, and korean image denim, dress, and korean image
Purple Kiss - “Can we talk again”

Kim Myungsoo - “Memory”

good girl, hyuna, and kim hyuna image good girl, 현아, and comeback image
HyunA - “Good girl”

Cha Eunwoo - “Love so fine”

gaho and plt image korean, rnb, and rotate image
Gaho - “Home”

Babylon - “Chandelier” , “Alone” , “Don’t go in the rainbow” & album “Hardy”

Sunghoon - “Why did we break up at that time”

Kihyun - “O.M.O.M”

Roaram - “I miss”

idol, rapper, and khiphop image Corea, disco, and kpop image
Gaeko & Kwon Jin Ah - “I feel like”
giselle, karina, and aespa forever image forever, kpop, and winter image
aespa - “Forever”

MOMOLAND, CHROMANCE - “Wrap me in plastic”

movning image movning image
MOVNING - “Magellan”

Yoo Hee Yeol, Sechskies - “Don’t look back”

Kim Hyun Chul - “Do you remember me?”

Kim Woo Seok - “Sugar” & mini album “Tasty”

dark cloud, mv, and younha image korean, younha, and singer image
Younha - “Thirtieth Midnight”

Sumi Jo x Rain - “Guardians (Universe)”

2F - “Hidden Star”

d1ce image d1ce image
D1CE - “You’re my destiny”

J.UNA - “Foolish” , “Knock Knock” & mini album “Discovery”

CHOA - “Thorn”

bicycle and chungha image chungha image
Chungha - “Bicycle” & full album “Querencia”

Gaho, Jian - “The”

idol, paranoia, and solist image boy, kang daniel, and idol image
Kang Daniel - “Paranoia”

Soyou x IZ*ONE ft. PH-1 - “ZERO: ATTITUDE”

Lucy - “Hero”

Kelly, mire, and jia image hyunbin, tri.be, and Kelly image

Kim Bumsoo - “Fixed On You”

Jeongmin - #young

arthur, ivan, and louis image arthur, ivan, and louis image
Kingdom - “Excalibur”

Eunchong Wi - “Night”

Narachan - “Beautiful Sunday”

illionoah - “Flower”

Lily- “Here we are”

duality, god damn, and header image duality, god damn, and header image
I.M - “God Damn”

Sojung - “If you were still here”

Miyeon - “Dreaming about you”

MOTTE - “Distance”

LambC - “When my heart breaks”

CheongMyeong - “Never say goodbye”

Gowoon - “City Lights”

chinese, idol, and mark image kpop and got7 image
GOT7 - “Encore”

J.DON - “Clicker”

Coco - “Lately”

Jonghyun, key, and Onew image key, Onew, and minho image
SHINEE - “Don’t call me” & full album

Kang Tae Kwan - “Tears of the moon”

Hot, what the flower, and sunmi image sunmi, lee sunmi, and cat image
Sunmi - “Tail” & “What The Flower”

Keembo - “Inside” & album “Scandal”

Suran - “Sunny”

IMLAY - “Too good” & mini album “Utopia”

wei, kpop, and wallpaper image wei, yohan, and daehyeon image
WEI - “All or nothing” & mini album

ONF - “Beautiful Beautiful” & album

PIXY - “Wings”

Big Naughty - “Joker” & mini album “Bucket List”

breathe, yes, and jaehyun image k-pop, Y, and jangjun image
Golden Child - “Breathe” & mini album “Yes”

Paul Kim - “Love Letter”

CHEETAH ft. Jamie - “Villain”

CL - “Wish you were here”

wonho and hoseok image lose, wenee, and melon image
WONHO - “Lose” & mini album

e:Rn - “Pretend to know”

GSoul, Ben - “Can love be fair?”

That’s all for today! I hope you liked it and see you soon!