Friday, July 5, 2019.

I just woke up after an incredible 10 hours sleep.

Today is Liz's party and I'm nervous since I didn't have time this week to ask if you would attend.
I'm not really looking forward to attending the party, but, since Liz is my sister's best friend, I'm practically forced to go.

I'm a little sad and my dad notices it, I tell him I don't know how to go dressed to the party and he gives me about $ 200 and takes me to the mall to buy an outfit.

I come home, seeing the time; it's very late. I take a quick shower and I put on the outfit I bought; a light blue and white striped crop top, along with a black skirt. My sister tells me it's time to go.

We arrive and I see several friends of my sister, with whom I do not usually spend time. I don't see you, but I see Christian; he beckons me to sit next to him and we start talking; he asks me about you and I tell him that I don't know if you will come, he quickly notices my interest in you and begins to hint at more things, I laugh while I see that Fernanda is also at the party, the girl you used to like.
Christian takes me out of my thoughts and takes his cell phone, dials your number and you answer; he asks you if you will come and you say yes, he tells you that Fernanda and I are at the party, which leaves me intrigued. Chris puts the phone to my ear so that I can talk to you, I die of shame and deny, I complain to him and you get angry because you think I don't want to talk to you, so you hang up.

I'm going somewhere else to chat with Brian, who tells me about his girlfriend; after about an hour, I turn to the door and see you, walking in next to Mirsha. Now, you look more handsome than usual, you wear a white shirt and black pants.
Before you turn to see me, I turn around. I'm dying of shame again. You sit next to Christian and he looks at me, waiting for me to go talk to you.

After you give me a couple of angry looks over the matter of the call, i'm finally go to sit next to you. As usual, you start to claim me. I notice the way you look at Fernanda and I also claim you. We start laughing and you share me the drink you are drinking.

I decide to stay with you for the rest of the night. Without a doubt, talking to you is very fun, I also take the opportunity to, from time to time, stare at your beautiful face.
There comes a time when we are not saying anything to each other, we are just looking at the ground while you take my wrist and pull my blue bracelet, you take me it off and put it back on me. Feeling your hand next to mine is a unique sensation.

The music and the neon lights shining on us. Suddenly, I feel a few glances on us; it´s Mirsha, who is recording us with her cell phone. I quickly cover my face and you do the same while laughing. It's so nice spending time with you.

My sister comes over and reminds me that I have to get up early tomorrow, so she tells me it's time to go.

She turned me to say goodbye to you and you approach my cheek to give me a kiss.
Again, I take the opportunity and, in a quick but unobtrusive way, i turn my head a little, to the point of making our lips brush. I enjoy every microsecond that that almost kiss lasts in which your mouth has been tilted towards mine. And so, I go.

As I walk to the exit, I tell Chris with signs that I have encouraged myself to kiss you.

I get on the Uber with my sister and see the time; it's barely 12am. I look at the window and think about what I just did and the good time I spent with you.

I come home, I remove my make-up, I get dressed and lie on the bed, I look at the ceiling and I want to scream with happiness. Nothing could have been better than this.

Finally, I force myself to sleep. Without first asking me what you are doing right now at the party.

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