contains spoilers

Finally, after a "long" pause, I have read the final book of the series. I have to say I'm very proud of myself for finishing it even though I disliked it from the first chapter of the first book.
In hopes of it becoming better, I continued reading. And my hopes slowly died.

noise, todd, and patrick ness image

With the final book, my annoyance with the writing style is back. I will probably never get it..
There isn't much character development or world building, everything is pretty much set. Except for… the Spackle! For the first time we get inside their head. Ladies and gentlemen, the weird SF-novel-that-I-didn't-even-know-was-a-SF-novel-until-I-was-five-chapters-deep meets the Avatar!
The Spackle are native inhabitants of the planet where the plot of all three books is happening, but we still don't know its name. They live as one with nature and as one with each other, sharing their voice. The idea seems nice, but familiar. Although I really like their way of life and they all seem amazing, the whole thing reminds me of the movie Avatar too much and I can't get past it..

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Our star-crossed lovers are even more in love with each other even though I don't know how since they barely saw each other throughout the second book, but okay.
The only refreshment we get is that this book didn't end with a cliff-hanger. Naturally, because it's the last book of the series (thankfully), but nothing would surprise me anymore.
Anyways, all in all, it was better than the first book (maybe because I was prepared for it), but I was still not thrilled. I am sorry, but this book series just didn't work for me.

Thanks for reading!