-If you like the color green, fairies, wildflowers, cottages, poems etc. this aesthetic is just for you.

aesthetic, dreamy, and flowers image aesthetic, garden, and flowers image aesthetic, cottagecore, and deer image hair, hairstyle, and style image cottage, flowers, and cottagecore image aesthetic, dress, and nature image

Dark Academia

-If you like classic literature, dark and old places, libraries, books, mysteries the color black and brown etc. then this is your aesthetic.

castle, dark, and black and white image couple, aesthetic, and grunge image quotes image dark academia, book, and library image hair, hairstyle, and aesthetic image love, couple, and movie image academia, aesthetic, and dark image academia, aesthetic, and dark academia image

Pinterest Girl

-If you are minimalist and like the color beige and brown, mediterrenean life, like to be stylish etc. this aesthetic might be for you.

aesthetic, beige, and corset image aesthetic, light, and pastel image cat, kitten, and aesthetic image aesthetic, light, and vintage image fashion, pearls, and black image aesthetic, grunge, and style image fashion, outfit, and style image beige, aesthetic, and brown image

Indie Kid

-This aesthetic was found in 2019-2020 by the TikTok community. So if you like TikTok, bright colours, oversized jeans, vhs, monster energy drinks, thrifting etc. this aesthetic is for you.

filter, hand bag, and vintage image aesthetic, rainbow, and saturated image indie, aesthetic, and converse image aesthetic, grunge, and oversized image aesthetic, clothes, and hearts image aesthetic, design, and indie image


- If you like the 2000s, Paris Hilton, the color bright pink, low waisted jeans, being sassy etc. then this aesthetic is just for you.

aesthetic, pink, and y2k image 2000, aesthetic, and black image 2000s, archive, and britney spears image pink, aesthetic, and y2k image 2000s, archive, and car image paris hilton, meme, and quotes image


- If you like dark and creepy things, lil peep, the color black i think this aesthetic be might jusut for you.

girl, aesthetic, and black image girl, aesthetic, and grunge image collection, dark, and aesthetic image editing, emo, and aesthetic image lil peep, peep, and anime image archive, hot boy, and tattoo image

Hope you like it luv :3