Hello everyone! Last month I made an article called "February Bucket List" and I decided to continue the trend with my March bucket list. As a side note, this is my birthday month so some of the things on this list will be related to my birthday.

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1: Meditate

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I meditated this morning and it put me in a really good mood. I'll link the video I did below.

2: Go to bed early

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Getting enough sleep is absolutely vital to feeling and operating your best!

3: Wear an outfit you feel amazing in

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An outfit that makes you confident is powerful!

4: Write down a list of things that make you happy

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This will make you grateful and help you connect with yourself better.

5: Start the Chloe Ting "Get Fit" challenge

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This month I'll be doing the Chloe Ting "Get Fit" challenge.

6: Bake a special treat

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I got this chocolate lava cake mix and I plan on making it soon!

7: Have a bubble bath and spa day

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Take time to pamper yourself!

8: Make whipped dalgona coffee in the morning

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I am whipped for dalgona coffee.

9: Go for a walk outside and enjoy the fresh air

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Going outside has helped me so much with my mental health.

10: Try out a new hairstyle

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Trying to put more effort into my hair styling!

11: Write out some positive affirmations

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Never underestimate the power of positive thinking.

12: Spring cleaning! Tidy up your home

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Spring is the time to clean and get rid of old stuff

13: Get bubble tea

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Anyone else in love with bubble tea? I like getting something different every time.

14: Draw or paint

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Use spring as inspiration for your artistic side!

15: Do a morning workout routine

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The brightness and energy of the morning makes it a good time to workout.

16: Listen to a new podcast

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Spotify has a ton of free podcasts you can listen to!

17: Take a social media break

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Social media can hurt your mental health. Be careful how much time you spend there!

18: Moisturize your entire body with lotion or body oil

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Make sure to take care of your skin

19: Eat vegetables with each meal

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Since green is the color of march, make sure you're eating veggies often!

20: Change your bedsheets

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There's nothing like sleeping on fresh bedsheets

21: Make waffles for breakfast

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I've developed a weird obsession with waffles recently

22: Sleep in late

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Sleep is important to your health!

23: Tell someone that you appreciate them

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We need more love and gratitude in this world

24: Write down your plans for the future

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Dream and plan for the days ahead! It'll motivate and inspire you.

25: Make a nutritious breakfast

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A big, nutritious, balanced breakfast is crucial to living a healthy life.

26: Visit a cafe with friends

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The day before my birthday I'm going to go to a cafe with my friends and celebrate!

27: Spend a day doing what you love

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My birthday is on the 27th so I'm going to spend it doing everything I love.

28: Wear your favorite color

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This is my favorite color- brown/beige. Wear it to feel happy!

29: Go online shopping for spring and summer clothing

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Get some new clothes for the warm weather

30: Celebrate spring by looking at pictures of cherry blossoms

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I live near Washington, D.C. which is famous for cherry blossoms! Look at pictures of these beautiful trees online!

31: Go for a bike ride

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Spring is the perfect time to bike.

I hope that was all inspiring to you! As always, leave a heart and DM me on Insta if you enjoyed this article!


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