You're either reading this because…

  • you're new to the heartburn skinny skater boys give to unsuspecting chests,
  • or you're used to it. so used to it, that you have somehow managed to blame yourself for believing in something that was always too good to be true.

Maybe you're wondering, what the hell do I do next? The answer is, I don't know. I've been careless with people's feelings, I've had my feelings beaten to death with a baseball bat, and I still don't know the key to not giving a fuck.

but I know the first step…

drown yourself in music

A Sad Playlist

love, couple, and boy image Image by nadiaann5 Abusive image alternative, grunge, and indie image
For when the pain hurts so good all you can do is wallow in it. And scream in the shower, and drown in embarrassment, and rip breath out of your lungs with mind-numbing and choking sobs.
An overcompensating playlist

fashion, leather, and thrift image sunglasses, fashion, and style image black shoes, everyday look, and brown sweater image friendship, friends, and friend group image
For when you’re such a bad bitch that you didn’t need him anyway. You borderline don’t need anyone. Being egotistical is better than being miserable.
A coping in unhealthy ways playlist
grunge, boy, and drugs image fashion, aesthetic, and black image lil uzi vert, rapper, and aesthetic image drugs and friends image
For when you’re high, all the time. And you feel so good you forget you feel like shit. (for legal reasons, I mean high on life)

Let me know if you have better ways of coping @burkeleigh_ on insta

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