Some Tips for first time period people

A note before reading on *PLEASE READ*- I am not a certified doctor by any means. I am just a 17 year old teen girl that has experienced a period before. Consult your doctor first and foremost. This is just some tips that I have found useful. I talked to my doctor and got guidance from her* Thank you

First time? Scared to even think about that DOOM? Fear not, you made the first smart move: Following The Period Place. Here is your guide for a stress-free experience.

Lets start out with my first time experience.

I got my period when I was 13 years old. I dodged all discussions of period/puberty talks because, lets face it, period and puberty talk is very uncomfortable. But as I turned 13 teen, I realized that I needed to sit down and have a discussion because if I knew any little thing about periods, there was blood.

Blood does not gross me out, but the fact that I could potentially bleed through my underwear and having someone see that, scared me more than being gawked at. So I went to the store and bought supplies. I could feel that I was gonna get mine, when I started feeling a tight almost pinch like sensation. And to make matters worse, I was gonna be on a plane, one way trip that lasted 8 hours. GREAT.

Luckily, I had an aisle seat on the plane, and a seat close to the tiny bathroom. So when I did eventually get mine on the plane I was ready. I realize that some don’t have the luxury of having a seat next to a bathroom on a plane the first time they get theirs so, with about 4 and a half years of having week long periods, I compiled a list of potential questions that most likely comes up at one point or another. This is how to conquer that worry of something that shouldn’t scare you.

Q: There is some yellow sticky stuff coming out should I be worried about that?

A:No, that is called discharge. It is the bodies natural way of cleaning itself.

Q: What are the best products to use when getting mine for the first time?

A: I recommend pads. There are tampons, but for being a first time period receiver, pads work best. (if you really want to use tampons, because you are an athlete, I will insert info on how to do that)

Q: Uggh! My cramps are the worst! What do you do?

First of all, cramps SUCK. But the good news is that there is a solution.

-Take a warm bath. Some how the heat from the bath helps soothe flair-ups
-Drink some warm tea. Coffee may help, but what has helped me is tea
-Heating pads are like heaven for your stomach. Simply use the heating bad and place it on your stomach and BOOM just like that, your cramps disappear.

Q: What if I am out somewhere, and get it, or am scared that I will get it; And there are no supplies around?

A: Good question! I would say that if you have seen a doctor recently, and she/he has bought up something like that, than I would say that it is time to invest in some pads. But if not, see if your mom or older sister, or even your aunt, has pads and if she does, than ask for one. Find a little bag or case to keep it in. If you have a purse, just keep that pouch in your purse, and if your scared all you need to do is excuse yourself and go to the restroom.

A side note- if you do end up getting your period while out, grab some paper towels and or toilet paper and start layering it. This is called a mock-pad

Q: Can anyone know if I have my period?

A: NOPE! That is the beauty of it! No one will know unless you tell them.

How to clean up

Cleaning up is the most important part of it! Simply wash your hands first. Remove the used- pad and wrap it up like a burrito. Wrap it again in toilet paper and throw it out. Clean up as much blood as you can, and get a fresh pad.


Believe it or not, as much as having a period is one thing more to worry about, it also shows us that we are strong. For anyone that is dealing with cramps (and wishes she were a boy- I did), the good news is that it will pass. Plus, you get the satisfaction of knowing that you can go through almost any pain with a smile on your face.




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Recommended Pad and Tampon choices

LOLA- A safe alternative pad and tampon choice. It helps the environment as well

Hello Gaia- Eco friendly, and money saving!

Hannah Pads- A healthier alternative

I hope these tips helped ease your fear!