✰hi, after a break, I'm back with more characters from barbie movies and what they'd wear nowadays. ✰

M E R L I A H a mermaid tale

summer, beach, and lake image amazing, beautiful, and beauty image fashionista fashionable, fashion style mode, and monochromatic monochrome image aesthetic, sea, and surfers image beach, summer, and sand image street style, crop top, and everyday look image
Merliah is the type of girl who's hanging at the beach with her friends whenever she has 10 free minutes. She loves surfing and people are jealous of her for being so cool and being a free spirit. (I decided to go with pink&orange as these are the main colors on her surfing suit.)

A R A M I N A the three musketeers

beautiful, beauty, and girls image amazing, blogger, and flowers image aesthetic, style, and fashion image aesthetic, fashion, and dress image aesthetic, bag, and clothes image flowers image
Aramina is the most romantic girl in her friend group. Her favourite activities are smelling roses and daydreaming. She adores walking in heels and a flowy dress in the garden pretending that she's a princess and her prince is on his way to pick her up and runaway together.


fashion image Image by ❛ 𝐃𝐖𝐋𝐔𝐅𝐅 ❜ 𓏲˖ 𑁍 ࣪˖🌸 violin image Image by Jacey dress, style, and blue image blue, girl, and bed image
Renée seems tough but is actually the sweetest and most caring person ever. She loves playing the violin and is def a night owl. She has a sarcastic humor and loves joking with her friends. Her fave color is blue, and most of the time, she wears comfy but chic outfits.

R A P U N Z E L rapunzel

art, inspo, and interior image purple, fashion, and outfit image accessories, everyday look, and knit cardigan image rabbit, animal, and flowers image aesthetic, art, and paint image dress, fashion, and outfit image
She's the artsy girl of the class, who wears colorful outfits mostly with some sort of pattern on them. In her spare time she loves taking care of her bunny, who even helps her get inspo for her newest paintings. Also, she's the girl who's bedroom wall is fully painted and her room is a mess.
hope you liked the little descriptions and outfits i put together. have a wonderful week!♥



cover by: @thesixtiesbutterfly