Hiii <3 today I will show you my obsessions from February :)

The Song of Achilles - book

book, aesthetic, and autumn image book, edit, and fandom image

The Umbrella Academy - tv series

rumors, text, and the umbrella academy image five, the umbrella academy, and number five image

Period dramas - movies/tv series

1800, Matthew Macfadyen, and movie image Jennifer Ehle, pride and prejudice, and pride and prejudice 1995 image
in the pics: pride and prejudice (2006) + pride and prejudice (1995)

SZA - music

sza and green image sza, aesthetic, and ctrl image

Dark cottagecore aesthetic

animal, aesthetic, and cottage image plants, pale, and grunge image

90s music and cinema

aesthetic, vintage, and alternative image 00s, 70s, and nostalgia image

aaaand that's it <3 byeee



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