Kunafa Nabulsia with Cheese:
One of the region’s favorite dishes, kunafa is available in Al Sultan Sweets in Dubai and other Arabic Sweets in Dubai, Arabian restaurants. The dish is made up of a thick layer of mild white cheese which is topped with crushed vermicelli noodles or shredded wheat. Best served piping hot and soaked in a plain or rose-flavored sugar syrup many eateries boast their own version of the dessert.

Kunafa is also a popular breakfast food for those with a sweet tooth with Arab restaurants serving it from their shop windows during the busy morning rush in Old Dubai. Scooped into a soft brioche roll, its the
perfect one-handed breakfast for those on the go. Visit Arabic Sweets in Dubai, AL Sultan Sweets Bosporus for unique takes on your typical kunafa, which you can pair with cream ice cream or even