Planners are a great way to keep track of your goals and weekly activities you need to take.
But, schedule is just not enough. That's why there are a lot of great techniques that are invented to help you reach anything you set your mind to.
Here are a couple of them:


Vision board is a great technique to try. You will need some magazines, pictures, blank pages to write on. Put some nice music, light a candle and grab a drink. Relax and think about what you want from this year/or 12 month period. Visualize a person you want to become, experiences you crave and habits you want to implement.
Search for visuals that represent your goals in magazines, pictures, or if you can't find any, write/draw your goal on a blank paper.
Everything you find, glue in your planner or place on a foam board.
Plan each step you need to take to achieve those goals.
This vision board will be your motivation, because each time you look at it, you will know - IT CAN BE YOU

aesthetic, inspire, and vision board image
Visualize your highest self and start showing up as her!


Wheel of life is a circle divided into few fields. Each field represents one aspect of your life: Family, friends, love life, self care, career, school, health.
Goal of this technique is to help you see which part of your life needs some maintenance. Your job is to color each field on the scale from 1 to 10 by how much your satisfied with that part of your life. Perfectly balanced life will make a full circle.
If you gave some part of your life a really low number, that means you need to focus a little bit more on that part to make it better.
You can do this technique each month.

aesthetic, inspire, and vision board image

Keep track of the #habits you want to implement

Habit tracker will keep you accountable and help you stick to it.
Thing is you can't focus on a lot of habits. Try sticking to only 3 habits per month.
Keep showing up and soon they will become habits.
Keep a track of your success!
If you don't already have a habit tracker in your planner, choose one page and draw as much circles as there are days in this month.
Color each circle every time you stick to your goal.

Level up: choose different colors that will represent how hard was it to you to stick to each habit that day.
That way you can look back after few months and see how much easier it took you each time.

Hope this helps!
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