I really like the process of putting together these this or that articles, so here's another one. Based on this article:


bow and arrow or sword?

archer, bow and arrow, and archery image fantasy, medieval, and archery image
bow and arrow

castle or palace?

aesthetic, pastel, and purple image aesthetic, art, and pastel image

communicating with animals or reading human minds?

cat, flowers, and animal image animal, cow, and cottagecore image
this is a hard one, but i'm gonna have to go with animals, i would love to be besties with my cat

plants or crystals?

tiara image crystal, pastel, and rainbow image

dancing in rain or dancing in moonlight

Image by ParkChaeyoungOffical moon, pink, and night image

dragons or mermaids?

Image removed Image removed

fly to the moon or swim to atlantis?

underwater, cathedral, and ocean image mermaid, ocean, and sea image
swim to atlantis, it would be easy as a mermaid ;) i could even live there

give or receive love?

couple, girl, and people image love, couple, and aesthetic image
obviously both :)

glitter or sequins?

Temporarily removed bath, girl, and body image

narnia or wonderland?

alice, flower, and mad hatter image flowers, garden, and aesthetic image
wonderland, definitely

rainy days or sunny days?

bare, body, and creepy image aesthetic and summer image
sunny all the way

stars or rainbows?

night, photography, and road image stars, wallpaper, and blue image

swimming or stargazing?

quotes quote, alternative vintage, and boy couple couples image adorable, amazing, and beautiful image

time travelling or space travelling?

time travel, rick and morty, and aesthetic image adult swim, aesthetic, and cartoon image
space travelling with Rick and Morty

vampire or werewolf?

alone, harry potter, and lonely image beautiful, harry potter, and moon image
a certain werewolf with the intitials R.J.L.

Thanks for reading! :)